What is Nyan Heroes? $NYN & $CTNP

Nyan Heroes is an AAA play-and-earn game built on the Solana blockchain, featuring a Nyan cat that explores an advanced world where science meets fantasy.

In 2000, the term “battle royale” became a hit when a director used it on a Japanese film bearing the same title. It depicted a story of the characters who fought almost endlessly for survival. Since then, people have used and adapted its concept to different forms of entertainment that contain redefined fictional narratives, specifically in games. 

Today, most battle royale games use humans as the main characters, but there is one that thinks outside the box. Its concept revolves around heroic cats under gigantic armors for a futuristic battle never experienced before. The new metaverse project is set to be a top game with a combination of science and fantasy—Nyan Heroes.


Nyan Heroes has a diverse team, sharing their expertise in gaming, new media, and web3. Max Fu and Wraya co-founded the project. Together, they built Nyan Heroes with Tore Blystad, a creative director; Liam Wickham, a lead producer; Gideon Gyabaah, a game technical director; Haluk Diriker, a design director; Emmanuel Alzaga, as art lead; and Nayef Zarrour, a web3 operations lead.

The project team envisions Nyan Heroes as a pioneer of a sustainable framework that can be useful for the blockchain gaming future. They put a significant emphasis on sustainability and scalability, intended for a rich gaming experience that players will surely enjoy. 

While the team has set preparations to achieve their visions, they are also on a mission to save one billion cats. The animal charities will receive a portion of the project’s revenue and proceeds, and the mission can go global upon reaching success.

What is Nyan Heroes?

Nyan Heroes is built on the Solana blockchain as an AAA play-and-earn game. Its main character is a Nyan cat that controls a Guardian Mech set to explore an advanced world where science meets fantasy.

Players will not only enjoy the abilities of the main characters but also the different gameplay modes offered. They can play with friends or random players in battle royale tournaments. The game has also introduced a PvE open-world experience where players can work together and fight enemies.

Environmental Storytelling

Nyan Heroes adds environmental storytelling to immerse the players in the game’s narrative while exploring Nekovia without directly telling them where to go next. Players can use individual elements like the scenery, visual hints, props, object placement, and set dressing. These elements make up good environmental storytelling that allows players to experience the digital world imaginatively. 

Chainlink Price Feeds

On Solana, Nyan Heroes integrated the Chainlink Price Feeds, the leading decentralized oracle network. With this, the players can use high-quality and decentralized price data that promotes a user-friendly experience accessing the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. 

The project team expected a continuous inflow of players trading on the NFT marketplace, calling the need for accurate price information. They realized that token prices must show the exact volume-weighted average from every trading environment available, employing resistance to any possibility of failure. Therefore, the project team integrated the Chainlink Price Feeds as a solution for simultaneously gathering off-chain price data that will be transferred to the NFT marketplace. The project was then considered a sustainable, safe, and fair game for all users. 

Genesis Nyan NFTs

The Genesis Nyans continuously fought for Nekovia with only 11,111 of their kind remaining, making them unique. The last cats standing will forever be valuable in the Nyan Heroes ecosystem, but they are all classified into different rarities. There are different drop rates for each classification: 46% for common, 29% for uncommon, 14% for rare, 7% for ultrarare, and 4% for legendary type.

The Genesis NFTs provide different benefits to the holders. Each of them will have access to different airdrops, limited editions, in-game NFT items, token rewards, and participation in beta tests and land presales. Active members can also enjoy some benefits from the NyanDAO, a community-based initiative that has the mission to ensure ecosystem growth. As Genesis NFT holders, one can use a limited-edition profile picture (PFP) as an account avatar in the game. Lastly, players can make their own stories for their chosen characters.  

Genesis Guardian NFTs

The holders of Genesis Nyan NFTs will receive a token through an airdrop that they may use to mint two Genesis Guardians without cost. The Genesis Guardian NFTs have the same rarities as Genesis Nyan NFTs, ranging from common to legendary. 

Players who use Genesis Guardian in the game are eligible for increased rewards. On the other hand, free players will still get rewards but in a lesser amount. The project team also gives incentives to Genesis Guardian owners for trusting them even at an early stage. 

$NYN Token

$NYN is the native token of Nyan Heroes that is essential for governance and staking. The project team has distributed the tokens into eight parts based on the estimated costs and required funds for fulfilling the set vision for the game. 

Nyan Heroes used the initially collected funds to expand talents, making the project successful from planning to execution. The allocated token distribution for investors increased from 20% to 24.5%, ensuring long-term connections.  


Nyan Heroes uses $CTNP as a utility token that players can use for purchasing items and can be collected as a reward for playing the game. Its function is connected to one of the project team’s main priorities: stability. They conformed to this by controlling the incentives given to non-players, balancing the $CTNP’s price. The token also ensures the long-term value of the player’s in-game rewards and purchases. 

Land and Its Benefits

Nyan Heroes dwell in subterranean land plots with the genesis region at the center with outer areas surrounding it. Players may buy land plots, but the closer the central part, the higher their value. Nekovia only has a limited land supply, and once players buy it all, nobody can ever own one unless opened for selling. Players who own land plots will have benefits such as:


All players may create guilds, but their expansion requires purchasing land plots. Land expansion is essential for every guild to increase total capacity and access to activities and events. 

In addition, guilds can build structures within the land that can increase foot traffic for visitors. The commissions a guild receives will vary depending on traffic and interactions, providing benefits to the owner.

Yield Generation

The lands in Nekovia have different resources that players can harvest while playing the game. The resources include various items from mining, farming, and harvesting. Players may also find unique items only available in the purchased land plots.


Players who bought land plots may use it for advertisement, especially with high foot traffic. Land users must remember to advertise within the set boundaries and guidelines of the game.


Nyan Heroes is a futuristic game featuring adorable cats inside robotic mechs prepared to join battle royale with the hope of saving Nekovia. The project is more than just a game as it sets to help animal charities while building sustainable technological advancements for players and the entire NFT community. With the project team and the community working together, Nyan Heroes can reach greater heights in achieving its envisioned future.

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