Top Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin prices today, Sept. 7

Top Cryptocurrency Prices Updates: This Wednesday morning, the price of cryptocurrencies is extremely negative. The market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is down 6.14 percent from Tuesday’s levels. The global cryptocurrency market cap is USD942.50 billion, according to cryptocurrency data aggregator CoinMarketCap. 

The entire volume of the cryptocurrency market during the past 24 hours is USD88.80 billion, up 44.67 percent from Tuesday. The dominance of Bitcoin is currently 38.23 percent, down 0.08 percent from the previous day. BNB, Ethereum, and Bitcoin:  Over the past 24 hours, popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB have experienced a sharp decline.

The biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Bitcoin, is currently trading at USD18,835 and is down 6.11 percent. Ether on the Ethereum blockchain network displayed a 7.72 percent decline. The price of the cryptocurrency token is USD1,532. Binance Smart Chain’s native BNB cryptocurrency had a 7.56 percent decline.

USDC, BUSD, DAI, and USDT:  Over the past day, USDT and USDC stablecoins have increased while BUSD and DAI have decreased.

The value of USDT Tether stablecoin increased by 0.01 percent over the previous day to trade at USD1. Over the past 24 hours, USDC’s value has increased by 0.01 percent. The price of the stablecoin is USD0.9999. 

BinanceUSD, or BUSD, is now trading at USD1 after falling 0.02 percent. With a 0.5 percent decline, stablecoin DAI is now worth USD0.9994.

Over the past 24 hours, a downward trend was also seen in cryptocurrency tokens native to Layer 1 blockchain networks like Solana, Ripple, and Avalanche. The price of Cardano’s ADA token is down 8.94 percent. The SOL on the Solana blockchain network decreased by 6.87 percent. The AVAX for Avalanche fell by 10.38 percent. XRP on the Ripple blockchain has decreased by 6.23 percent.

Polygon with Polka Dot:  The DOT coin on the Polkadot blockchain network is losing money. The value of the cryptocurrency token has decreased by 9.78 percent. Over the past day, the value of Polygon’s MATIC cryptocurrency token has dropped by 10.36 percent.

Memecoins:  Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, two popular meme cryptocurrency coins, experienced a sharp decline. Over the past 24 hours, Dogecoin is down a staggering 8.66 percent whereas meme crypto Shiba Inu is down a significant 6.53 percent over the last 24 hours.

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