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The Burrow is a South Asian artist collective, formed with a mission to help bring emerging artists into the spotlight and provide value to the community through theme-based curated drops like Pluralize.

The Burrow is a South Asian artist collective with a mission to make emerging artists visible in the NFT space. Our goal is to bring spotlight on emerging artists and provide value to the community through theme based curated drops like Pluralize, and initiatives like The Burrow Art Fund, where smart contracts and minting dApps are either fully sponsored or subsidised by the collective every month.

With Pluralize, our goal was to showcase that diversity of thought, process, and technique, can all come together to tell similar stories in their own unique way. This series of NFTs is aimed to “pluralize” the same idea or message with different genres of photography and art styles.

What is the project’s launch date? 

  • July 14: Collectors’ mint 
  • July 15: Allowlist mint 
  • July 16: Public mint 

How did you come up with the idea? 

The idea of a collective drop originated from the reflection that, despite showing up every day, South Asian photographers did not receive the same recognition for their work as their counterparts from other parts of the world. Additionally, there was a need for a level playing field so that both established and emerging artists had an equal chance of having their work collected. Considering these, 30+ photographer friends who were in the space from early to mid-2021, supporting each other, decided to work together and form The Burrow. 

What makes this project unique? 

Pluralize by the Burrow was the first theme-based 1/1 NFT collection by photographers across 12 genres. What makes the second drop unique is that 100 artists share their interpretation of what Pause means to them across multiple genres of photography and 2D art. The final 100 are carefully curated by well-known artists so that there is no compromise on the quality or coherence of the theme. The delayed reveal mechanism ensures that the popular artists, as well as the emerging artists, have an equal chance of getting their art collected. 

How was the response to The Burrow’s first drop? 

The Burrow’s genesis drop (Pluralize – Rising Hope) was very well received. The collection of 40 1/1 photos was sold out in less than 35 mins, with 2.7 ETH in secondary sales and was widely supported by collectors like DeezeFi, Punk 2070, Snow.eth, Blockboob, Cyborgnomad, AlphaTrilogy, etc. 


What perks did the collectors of the first drop get? 

Coffee Table Books: We raffled off 5 Limited Edition Coffee Table Books, containing all 40 photographs from the genesis collection, to Pluralize Holders. Physical books are to be shipped soon. 

Airdrops: Select artists, part of the 2nd drop, from The Burrow airdropped editioned photos to Pluralize Holders. This made sure that collectors discover emerging artists, even outside of the drop, once they are a part of The Burrow. This discovery resulted in collectors collecting more photos from these artists. 


How big is the team and what are their roles? 

We currently have a team of 5 artists leading The Burrow and 2 Advisors. 

Agni – Project Manager 

Anand – Co-Founder 

Manish – Artist management 

Priyanka – Co-Founder 

Rishi – Marketing Strategist 

Saushank – Advisor 

Snow – Advisor 

What is the price? 

0.25 $ETH 

Why is that price fair? 

The 1/1 art collection has a good mix of well-established artists and emerging artists making 0.25 $ETH a fair price for everyone involved. 

What is the Mint Size? 


Are there any mechanics we should know about? 

Even though the project is a 1/1 art project, we have incorporated some elements from generative art projects like delayed reveal, rarity traits based on genres which impact the airdrops, etc. 

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