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As more and more people start to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain, more crypto trading platforms appear. And often, it is hard to tell scam websites from the legit ones.

Here is an unbiased review of Swiss29, a Switzerland-regulated crypto exchange platform. It will help you understand whether the website is trustworthy or not.

General Overview

Swiss29 is a website that allows its users to easily buy, convert, sell, and store cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a lot of features that are similar to those other crypto exchanges have, but also some unique features, too. The latter include the following:

  • The possibility to store tokenized assets (fine art, jewelry, etc.) on the platform;
  • Great educational resources for both beginners and advanced traders;
  • A wide range of cryptocurrencies available – from the most popular ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum to less known ones like  Atomic Coin, VeChain, and Stellar Lumens);
  • The cutting-edge security technologies other crypto exchanges lack;
  • Amazing referral program – a user who recommends the platform to their friend or family member, can earn up to $500 per referral (we will dive more into it here below).

Swiss29 Referral Program – How it Works

To make $500 quickly, easily, and effortlessly with Swiss29, follow these simple steps:

  • Open an account on;
  • Collect your unique referral link – you will need to share it with your friends, colleagues, or relatives;
  • Help them deposit money and start trading on the platform;
  • Enjoy your referral incentive!

How to Open an Account with Swiss29

The website is really easy to use as it only takes a few minutes to register on the platform.

Before you make an attempt to become a Swiss29 user, check if there are no cryptocurrencies restrictions in your country. If there are no regulatory political issues where you live, and trading crypto is legal in your state, then you can proceed to open an account on the site:

  • Go to;
  • In the upper right corner of the page, choose your preferred language;
  • Click the START TRADING button;
  • Then, choose the SIGNUP button and click it;
  • Provide all the necessary information – your first name, your last name, and email;
  • Choose a strong password;
  • Accept the terms and conditions.

Once you have signed up, you can start buying and trading cryptocurrencies.

Important disclaimer: if you are new to the world of crypto trading, please bear in mind that cryptocurrency markets are volatile, and cryptos are risky assets. Crypto exchanges do not bear any responsibility for any damage resulting from your irrational investment and trading decisions. Therefore, you should be aware of potential loss and invest what you can afford to lose. It would be wise to take your time to learn the basics before you start your trading journey, so you do not lose capital.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It is possible to deposit money via credit/debit card or bank/wire transfer.

The minimum deposit amount on is €200.

Note that any user can deposit cash and buy cryptos as soon as they open an account on the platform. However, to withdraw money, KYC verification is necessary. There have been significant changes in the anti-money laundering regulations all over the world recently due to an increasing number of frauds. So KYC has to be done for safety reasons and to help the customers minimize risks.

You don’t have to worry – usually, the verification process does not take long. All you need is to upload any official document on the platform – an ID card, driving license, passport, etc., valid for at least one month after the present date, and a photo of you holding this document. Once you have become KYC compliant, you can withdraw your first €100.

Swiss29 Pros & Cons

Like all crypto trading platforms, has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s weigh up Swiss29’s pros and cons:


  • Easy-to-use website interface
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Strong focus on security
  • Excellent customer support available 5 days a week
  • Affordable minimum deposit amount



Our Verdict

Having carried out our investigation, we came to the conclusion that is a legit website. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Americas. All investors and traders, regardless of their experience level, can use the platform because it has an intuitive, simple-to-use site interface.

Swiss29 is a valid a reliable company striving for the perfect balance between security and ease of use. If you start trading with this platform today, we are pretty sure very soon you will increase your capital. As you get comfortable with trading on the website, you will grow your crypto portfolio and become financially successful.

We hope you found this review useful!

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