Safemoon, Solana, Polkadot & EverGrow

Solana, Safemoon, EverGrow, and Polkadot will emerge as major value creators in the coming year

2021 was the year of the memecoin, with Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and Dogelon Mars achieving staggering valuations. What these coins have in common is that they were all essentially based on ‘jokes’ and they can attribute most of their “value” to Elon Musk or pure community-driven hype. It is predicted that crypto investors will become more discerning in 2022, putting the ‘Year of the Memecoin’ behind them, and insisting on true fundamental value, rather than hype and celebrity endorsement. What projects will offer true value and utility and be the best cryptos to invest in 2022 among Safemoon, Solana, and EverGrow? 


Solana ($SOL)

Despite having already seen 45,000% gains in 2021, Solana is expected to go on to further highs in 2022. Solana’s unique blockchain technology means transactions are processed in order, which makes them incredibly quick, but also very low cost. This pits Solana up directly against Ethereum, which is currently the second-highest ranking Crypto in the world by market capitalisation, outdone only by Bitcoin. If Solana can achieve mass adoption, they could compete head-to-head with Ethereum, giving them as much as 700% potential upside from here. 


EverGrow ($EGC)

EverGrow crypto is both the newcomer and the minnow in our list but has become impossible to ignore. At just $330 million in valuation, this project launched 3 months ago has firmly set its ambitions on becoming a top 20 global crypto in 2022. It could be the value play in our list of best cryptos for 2022. 

The project pioneered two unique concepts. Firstly, they pay rewards automatically to all holders in Binance pegged USD ($BUSD) – a regulated stable-coin pegged 1-1 with the USD. Holders have already seen $30 million of rewards, which are paid out to their wallets hourly, within just 12 weeks. Their second innovation is that all the project’s utilities will generate revenue that will be used to buy $EGC and burn it. This will create continuous volume and reduce supply, with analysts calculating that $10,000 invested today could achieve rewards of $750 a day – this would be a staggering passive income that would surpass any yield generating project in history. 

The numbers, which would be based on a daily volume of $30 million, do seem to stand up. The project’s record-breaking one-day volume was over $50 million. If they can achieve just half that volume on a daily average, it would justify a valuation over 100 times where the project currently sits. 


Safemoon ($SAFEMOON)

Safemoon has certainly tested its loyal investors since its meteoric launch back in March 2021. The project was briefly the most famous altcoin in the world, accruing over 1 million wallet holders in record time. Since its highs in April, however, the project has bled around 90% of its valuation. Much of this has been attributed to its lack of tangible utility in terms of justifying its once hefty valuation, along with most of its original core team has now left the project. 

Safemoon, however, may well pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat in 2022, when it is due to launch its own ‘game-changing’ exchange, its own blockchain, and the mysterious ‘Project Phoenix’, which beyond much speculation, investors know almost nothing about at this stage. 

It is certainly the wildcard on this particular list, but if the team can pull together and fulfill their promises, we already know they have the supportive community and marketing prowess to exploit any genuine progress. Just returning to their previous all-time high would mean 1000% returns in 2022 from here and we aren’t about to rule that out. 


Polkadot ($DOT)

Polkadot is a relatively mature project launched back in 2016 set to directly rival Ethereum, Cosmos, and others. It allows developers to create and run their own blockchain, creating a truly user-controlled, decentralised web. 

Using $DOT as the native token, every time data exchanges between two blockchains, fees are charged, and payable in $DOT. Investors expect to yield around 10% a year through this. Not a hefty number in terms of crypto returns, but certainly a solid yield in a world of low-interest rates. 

With a current market capitalisation of around $28 billion, there is an obvious opportunity for capital growth if the team’s lofty ambitions are achieved.

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