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The second half of 2022 is here, and crypto investors are looking for ways to make it a better half than the first. The first half of this year has been marred by the bear market rally. Only a handful of investors can say it’s been a great first half in the coin market. Some cryptocurrencies with prospects did over 90% dump, and even the giant coins — BTC and ETH have fallen below prices we least expected.

Everyone in the Cryptocurrency market can’t wait for the crypto winter to be over. The wish on everyone’s mind is for the bear market to end within the first half of the year. While it remains to be seen whether this wish will be granted, it’s wise to plan for the second half.

By now, you should have some potential tokens you’re researching and analyzing to determine if they’re a good long-term investment and identify the best entry time. Whether you’ve done that or not, we have three tokens you can add to your list. They are the RoboApe token (RBA), Stellar (XLM), and VeChain Token (VET). Check out the details of these cryptocurrencies below: 

VeChain Token (VET)

VeChain is a blockchain network created to enhance the creation of Decentralized Applications (dApps), organize ICOs (initial coin offerings), and be an intermediary for IoTs device transactions. It uses a proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus mechanism to ensure the optimal security and efficiency of the platform. The VeChain network improves business processes and enhances the supply chain network.

Blockchain technology has two tokens — VeChainThor Energy (VTHO) which powers smart contract transactions, and VeChain Token (VET), which is responsible for transferring value across the ecosystem. The Vechain Token enables users to pay for transactions that occur on any decentralized applications of the network.VeChain Token (VET) currently ranks #31 on Coinmarketcap with a current market cap of about $1.6 billion.

It had a good run early in the previous year, peaking at an all-time high of $0.272. While the coin has witnessed a huge decline from this price, its low current market price of $0.02 could be a great entry point for you in the long run. For context, those that bought the token at its all-time low of $0.001678 in 2020 currently enjoy over 1224.30% in ROI.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar is a decentralized and open-source blockchain network created to facilitate seamless transfer and automatic exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat currency between users. For context, stellar allows you to send payment in a currency the recipient desires, even though credits differ from the sent currency. The platform handles the conversion, and they partner with different financial institutions to pay recipients in the desired currency.

The platform utilizes a custom consensus mechanism — Stellar consensus protocol, which ensures optimal blockchain security and guarantees safe cross-asset value transfer between users. Stellar is highly optimized to complete transactions within the shortest time possible, at a low cost. Its use case and real-life application make it one project to watch out for.

LUMEN (XLM) is the native token of the platform. It’s used as a transaction fee and can be traded on different exchanges as a store of value. The stellar token currently ranks #24 on CoinMarketcap with a current market cap of #2.8 billion. It currently sells at around $0.1.

RoBoApe (RBA)

The RoboApe network is a community-driven project that aims to reward holders and community members with profitable returns. It comes with strong application in Decentralized exchange (Dex), Decentralized finance (Defi), and NFTs. The DAO platform plans to have a Cryptocurrency academy that’ll provide crypto knowledge for beginners and experienced crypto enthusiasts. It is a meme project with a lot of potential.

The native token of the platform is called the RoBoApe Token (RBA). Users can use the ERC-20 token for gaming, for value exchange in the NFT marketplace, participating in eSport tournaments, and also for governance rights and passive income through staking on the network. This great use case and real-life application make it a project with huge potential.

RoboApe Token (RBA) is currently on presale at $0.006173. This low entry could be a decision you’d be proud of before the year runs out. You can join the presale here. 

Find out more about the RoboApe token (RBA) here: 



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