Promotion Saguenay joins Défi Saint-Laurent to tackle plastics

Défi Saint-Laurent is a nonprofit that raises awareness among citizens, businesses and recreational and tourism establishments about the threat of microplastics with the aim of preserving the biodiversity of the St. Lawrence.

Actions include banning plastic water bottles, encouraging bulk purchases, organizing or financing shoreline cleanups, raising awareness and mobilizing.

Reducing plastics during cruise calls, shore cleanup 

Promotion Saguenay will be working to reduce single-use plastics during ship visits and will introduce Défi Saint-Laurent to its partners and the cruise lines calling this season. In addition, on Aug. 24, the Promotion Saguenay team will undertake a shoreline cleanup.

Jean-Éric Turcotte, GM of Strategies Saint-Laurent, the initiator of Défi Saint-Laurent, welcomed Promotion Saguenay’s efforts to reduce visitors’ environmental footprint. He expressed pride that an organization involved in international cruises is getting involved because of the scope and its ability to have a positive influence on the cruise industry in general.

Acting as a model

Promotion Saguenay wants to act as a model, inspiring others to take concrete action to protect the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Seaway and the Saguenay Fjord, which are at the heart of the cruise industry, said Priscilla Nemey, GM of Promotion Saguenay.

The organization and its partner, Port Saguenay, responsible for maritime operations, took the opportunity of the pandemic slowdown to review and improve some of their sustainable development practices with regard to cruises.

Sixty-three recreational tourism businesses and nine municipalities are members of Défi Saint-Laurent.

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