Play the Latest Version of Dice using Solana at CryptoGames

For everyone who loves a good game of Dice, CryptoGames has brought about probably the most fashionable-looking version of the classic dice game. The latest renovation of the casino’s every known Dice offers a completely new outlook along with a redesigned architecture.

The latest version of Dice and the 9th game of the casino is called, DICEV2.

Right from its arrival at the casino, DiceV2 has continued to thoroughly impress the classic Dice players. It has built a new scale of entertainment and thrill for all levels of gamblers. On top of that, CryptoGames has recently become the first-ever online crypto casino to launch or enable the use of Solana for its players. If you have guessed it already, then you are right! This piece will be providing you with all the fine details you must know to play the coolest edition of Dice.

Guidelines for the Game:

Get Registered

As a new player, clicking on the Play Now tab at the top of the homepage will open Dice’s pop-up window. On the window, you will see 10 available cryptocurrencies to choose from. For your first time at the casino, click on any one of the cryptocurrencies you want to play with, to open an account first which will lead you to the registration page. You can choose your own username or an autogenerated one. Once you find the right one, you will then go on to agree to all the terms and conditions. After that, simply prove that you are not a robot, and you will be good to roll! If in case you would like to directly start playing a game of your choice, then simply select the one from the games section and begin! After you get fully registered, you will be able to deposit cryptocurrencies to wager officially. Then deposit either fiat currencies using Onramper or exchange cryptocurrencies with ChangeNow to officially withdraw your hard-earned rewards in crypto! More on the transaction system will be provided later in the article.

Get Started with the Game

Since Dice 2.0 is a graphically revamped version of the original game, it does come with a similar set of rules. The main objective of the game here is to stay inside the green area of the slider to win. In this version too, the players will play the game by rolling their dice over or under an assigned target number.

  1. As we have said above, start by depositing enough funds to your CryptoGames account to start the game. You can always start by sending the minimum deposit amount to your customized personal deposit address. Deposits should usually take 1 network confirmation (or 150 confirmations for ETC deposits).
  2. Then place an amount you are confident enough to wager under the “Bet Amount” field.
  • After that, move the Dice slider on either side, Left or Right. This way you can choose to either increase or decrease your win chance. There is also an option to manually set the win chance by editing the “Your Win Chance” field. The win chance determines your final payout. The lesser your win chance is, the higher your payout will be.
  1. After you have set your win chance, move on to the final part of the choices. Whether to roll “Over” or “Under”.
  2. Carefully select your choice as either one of “Over” or “Under”, which will come with a target number. Therefore, trust your gut feeling and prepare to get your dice rolling.
  3. Now press either one of the buttons, “Roll Over/Under” to roll your dice. If you correctly choose to roll a number that lands inside the green zone of the slider, you win the rewards. But if your choice was wrong and the number landed outside the green zone, then you lose.

 DiceV2 and the API(Autopilot)

As we have already mentioned that at CryptoGames, all registered players can gamble with 10 different cryptocurrencies on both Dice and DiceV2. Both Dice and DiceV2 comes with a reasonable house edge of only 1%. If you are a VIP user, you can enjoy a house edge of 0.8% only! Along with that, you will stand a chance to win a maximum payout of 9920x. Get to play with unbelievable bet speeds of 10ms when placing high bets, which also increases the chance of winning the DiceV2 jackpot.

Your guide to using the API:

Before you start using the API, remember that CryptoGames does not randomly vouch for any third-party application. Therefore, the developer team behind CryptoGames highly recommends that you must self-verify the source code of any software you wish to use(for API).

  • Connect your dice bot to CryptoGames API for it to manage and execute your dice bets on CryptoGames.
  • Under “Your Account”, go to the “Settings”, and then click on the “API” tab.
  • If you are a first-time user, then enable the API.
  • You can do it by clicking on the “Generate New Personal API Key” tab. Or by clicking on the “Show Personal API key” tab. This will display the API key that you have already generated. While generating your API key, NEVER share it with others. As that will give the receiver unauthorized access to your CryptoGames account!
  • Once the generation is done, you can now, use your API key with a dice bot.
  • Then, simply connect to CryptoGames from the “Site” pulldown menu. As you are connecting, choose the crypto you would like to wager with.
  • After that, login into CryptoGames via the Dicebot, by using your credentials. There, you will need to provide your username, the API Key, and 2FA Code (if you have enabled it)
  • Once you log in, start testing the API by implementing the most basic dice strategies.

Your Guide to the Jackpot:

  • Score a winning roll of 7.777 or 77.777
  • Check if the last two digits of Server seed added with the client seed (both encrypted) in SHA512 are 77
  • Your bet amount and profit are both at least the required amount(the amount varied for each currencies, including PlayMoney)
  • Required amounts are at least 0000015 BTC, 0.00045 ETH, 0.0015 LTC, 15 DOGE, 0.0015 XMR, 0.00015 BCH, 0.0045 ETC, 0.00075 DASH, 0.0225 GAS, 0.00150000 Solana, 4,850 PlayMoney
  • You will only receive 100% of the Jackpot if your win amount is above the required amount. If your win amount is lower than required, then you will only receive a proportional share of the Jackpot (minimum 1%)

Choose Your Lucky Crypto

For the players’ convenience, CryptoGames has included 10 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Using can play using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monero, GAS, Dash and Solana.

Since Solana is a new addition to the casino, here’s a brief introduction to it-

Solana is known as one of the most influential layer-1 blockchains.  Established back in the year 2017 by Anatoly Yakovenko, the cryptocurrency can process approximately 50,000 TPS at a time. And to achieve that, Solana uses the Optimistic Concurrency Control technique. Moreover, the latest cryptocurrency in the casino provides amazingly low transaction fees all across the globe.

Although it has been on the market for a while now, CryptoGames is the first-ever online casino to fully enable transactions or exchanges of Solana for all its registered users.

Now, as for the transaction time for Solana goes, the deposits will be credited after one network confirmation and the withdrawal will require 2 minutes or 2 network confirmations. The minimum amount of deposit is 0.01 Solana, and the minimum withdrawal is set to equivalent to 0.0005 Bitcoin (BTC).

And if you are playing DICEV2 using Solana, then you might want to bet 0.01000 Solana or above to speed up the processing of your bets. And if you meet the requirement of 4.0000 Solana win amount along with the other criteria in Jackpot, then get ready to take home the entire prize amount!

As they say, Catch the Winning Spirit with Two of the COOLEST ADDITIONS!

Along with all its new architecture we’ve discussed above, Dicev2 is lightweight, smooth, and fast! Just like the original Dice, it too comes with a greater range and fidelity of potential outcomes. This is why the possibility of outcomes ranges from 0.000-99.999. And now that the smart API system can be enabled in the game, you can test out strategies like the Martingale strategy before you place bigger bet amounts. This way, you will be in full charge to test out a strategy without the regular autobet feature. And at the same time gain more control over the management of your betting and statistics. Moreover, Dicebot can be left to run in the background while you use the different features or explore the casino to play other games manually. Or better, hang out in the chatroom with other players on board!

So, pick up your devices, register to CryptoGames today. Join the most happening crypto gambling high and start predicting your lucky rolls with the most fashionable game in crypto casinos, DICEV2!

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