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What’s better than a quirky new video game? Simple: one based on blockchain, with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to guarantee ownership and introduce the concept of rarity to ensure that the different NFTs all find their homes with new owners. While the game itself, called The Punk Panda Mining Game (TPP Mining Game), is aiming for a launch at the end of May 2022 (and will enable participation for everyone, without the need to purchase NFTs before you can join the fun), the company behind them — called Artizen — is also launching an NFT marketplace that wants to level the playing ground so that everyone can participate.

All You Need to Know About Artizen and $ANT

Artizen is a team of blockchain enthusiasts who recognized the need for a more inclusive approach to the nascent industry of NFTs. Recent research indicates that the market size for NFTs exceeded USD 50bn as of the end of 2021 and is expected to keep rising in the five years following that. As such, the industry has attracted a number of different participants that are, in many cases, trying to outbid each other so they can participate in the “next big thing” as it unfolds. These participants are often pushing out smaller traders and effectively keeping them out of the key moments in the space. Artizen wants to change that by offering an accessible platform that is meant to be open to everyone.

The platform itself, called Artizen World Metaverse, will go far beyond simple NFT creation and trading, although these features are still at its base. Powered by their native ATNT token, which has recently been listed on several large-scale crypto exchanges, the platform lets users create their avatars using as many (or as few) options as they like. The various items and materials used in avatar building are available in the platform’s shop; but you can also trade what you already have with other users in case you’re dissatisfied with what’s on offer otherwise, or if you deem that trading could fetch a better prize.

The different combination of items on your avatar will directly impact its rarity. Once your avatar is created, you can also sell it if you’d like to. Since the marketplace is open to everyone, you can rest assured that your creation will find its perfect buyer — or if you’re interested in buying, you’re more than likely to stumble upon the ideal offering.

What Is The Punk Panda Mining Game?

TPP Mining Game is another product that Arizen is launching, which lets everyone participate, regardless of whether they hold TPP NFTs or not. Still, loyalty is rewarded, so NFT holders will be able to mine a special mineral called Artinium in the game, while everyone else will have to make do with a more common type of ore simply dubbed stone. In the spirit of keeping things fair, even stone can become Artinium through a special furnace — the probability of this happening will depend on your luck, however.

Do these sound enticing to you? Then be sure to follow Artizen’s social media, like their Twitter account, and join a (language-specific) Telegram channel as well, so you can stay on top of every new development that they announce. Good luck!

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