Is NFT Token the new SafeMoon?

As the world navigates, the new age of technology, cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFT industries are ablaze with new entrants and developments. The growing popularity of digital assets has seen much of the world’s population take an interest in NFTs. The latest entrant to the NFT space is NFT Token which was launched just a week ago. Despite being relatively new, this NFT Token has made such a huge impression in the crypto world that it has been compared to the likes of SafeMoon.

The launch of NFT Token was primarily to gift NFTs to its holders. This means that they will not be minting their own NFTs as other crypto tokens do. According to the team behind NFT Token, the goal is to purchase projects from the marketplace and reward these NFTs to the token holders. Since the token is relatively new, the liquidity pool remains locked to ensure the project’s safety.

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NFT Token is expected to develop in four phases which have been outlined very clearly. As of now, the company has airdropped free NFTs for some of their holders from the metaverse. As they progress through each phase, they look forward to purchasing rare NFTs as a community.

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