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There are so many cryptocurrencies for investors to choose from, knowing which ones are worthy investments and which are duds is challenging, to say the least. Instead of betting one horse, you could choose to sink your hard-earned money into a few top Layer 1 blockchains such as Ethereum, Cardano, or XRP. If you invest in a basket of Layer 1 projects, not only is there no guarantee the price will go up, but you’re just competing against yourself. It’s like betting on every horse in the race. It’s great for the horse but not so great for you.

But what if you didn’t have to choose which projects to invest in? There’s a much better way to approach crypto investing, especially if you’re a newcomer or someone who doesn’t have the time to research, identify, and babysit their crypto investments. It’s called Gnox Token, or simply GNOX. 

While everyone else is watching their Layer 1 investments and enjoying a rollercoaster ride of volatility, thanks to GNOX, you can invest in a decentralized finance project that is designed to provide ongoing passive income in all market conditions and that has a built-in deflationary mechanism. At the same time, you can invest in a diversified basket of passive-income-providing DeFi opportunities, thus greatly thinning your risks. 

You might think of GNOX as a crowdfunding project. GNOX holders are getting together and pooling their financial resources to fund a treasury. The treasury is invested in staking rewards, lending platforms, and liquidity pools that produce passive income. Income from these activities is used to buy back and burn GNOX tokens. This reduces the supply and boosts the price of everyone’s tokens. A portion of sales is also airdropped back to current holders once every hour providing even more passive income. 

Because the treasury is funded with a royalty on token sales, it doesn’t matter whether we’re in a bull market or a bear market. All sales of the token increase the treasury which in turn increases the flow of passive income. This royalty also squelches volatility because it discourages short-term trading. 

So who decides where these investments are made? The answer is that all GNOX holders are able to vote on which passive income opportunities are worthy of investment. Prior to any vote, however, the Gnox platform backend aggregator collects data on scores of passive income deals across numerous platforms and blockchains. That data is then analyzed by a team of expert DeFi investors who make recommendations based on their knowledge and experience. 

The best time to get into this project, if you choose to do so, would be now. That’s because the project is still an ICO. The presale is being conducted in three stages with each stage allotted a portion of the supply of GNOX tokens. Any tokens that are unsold at each phase are burned causing the price to rise (same market cap, lower supply). Thus, the earlier one adopts the token, the more their stack will be worth when the platform launches in mid-August and the passive income kicks in.

So now you have a choice. You can be on your own and bet on several horses in the Layer 1 steeple chase, or you can work together with a community of crypto investors in a project that produces passive income in both good times and bad. We’ll wait.

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