Here’s why you should buy Big Eyes Coin, Tron, and VeChain for potential 100x rewards

Sep 05, 2022 17:02 IST

New Delhi [India], September 5 (ANI/ATK): Cryptocurrencies are a sort of decentralized, non-government-regulated digital money. Cryptocurrencies have a long history; in the 1980s, they were known as “cyber currencies.” With the release of Bitcoin, which was developed by an unidentified programmer, or a team of developers perhaps (as the true origin of the coin is still unknown till today) under the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto, these currencies began to acquire traction.
Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity since the release of Bitcoin in 2009. Their appeal has increased as more and more individuals invest in them over the last several years.
The market for cryptocurrencies is expanding rapidly, and it does not appear that the progress is coming to a halt at any point soon. Cryptocurrencies will undoubtedly play a significant part in the structure of our future monetary system as the digital economy expands at an exponential pace. Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Tron (TRX), and Vechain (VET) are cryptocurrencies that have the potential to provide great benefits for those who buy them.
Tron (TRX)
Justin Sun, a notable crypto-celebrity, is the creator of Tron; the coin was developed in 2012. Through Tron (TRX), Sun also bought BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing network, in 2018 and introduced the BitTorrent Token (BTT) a few months later.
The Tron (TRX) team is focused on building the foundation for a decentralized internet and setting up a democratic mechanism to run the new network were the objectives of this group.
The idea of a decentralized network appeared unachievable until recently. The world’s computing power was still insufficient. However, since they are transparent, blockchain networks are perfect for this kind of operation. TRON specifically targets this position.
The Tron (TRX) Protocol
Applications that are hosted on the Tron (TRX) operating system are made by programmers and developers using the Solidity language.
Tronix, sometimes known as TRX, is the network’s currency. Users of the network may pay content producers directly for access to their apps by using TRX. Tron (TRX) transactions on the platform are also cost-free.
Users may use a desktop, mobile, or hardware wallet to store their cryptocurrency holdings.
In the form of an ICO, one may freely share digital assets, and by purchasing digital assets, others can make use of the advantages and services brought on by ongoing data development.
VeChain (VET)
Sunny Lu, a former chief information officer (CIO) at Louis Vuitton China, established VeChain (VET) in 2015. It is one of the few blockchains that already has a sizable client base among established enterprises. It began as an affiliate of Bitse, one of China’s major blockchain startups.
The VEN token, the pioneer native token of the VeChain platform, was once supported on the Ethereum (ETH) platform. In 2018, the VeChain platform switched to its own blockchain and changed its name. The VEN blockchain blockchain was later replaced by the VeChainThor (VET) as part of the Vechain rebranding process.
The white paper for the VeChain blockchain platform outlines its objectives. Its initial goal was to upend the supply chain sector by making data transparent and usable. x
In 2017, the VeChain Foundation allowed individuals, crowd-sale participants, and businesses access to the native cryptocurrency of its network to individuals, businesses, and crowd-sale participants. The coin was an Ethereum-based ERC-20 at the time. Later, when the VeChainThor blockchain was introduced as a mainnet, the team abandoned VEN in favor of VET. Holders might exchange VEN for VET at a 1:100 ratio via a token swap. The token VEN is no longer in use. 100 billion VET, or 1 billion VET coins, were first issued by VeChain.
The VeChain blockchain, which serves as a fundamental layer for message exchange, key management, and data storage, is built on Thor. Thor may be used as the foundation for business apps that create smart contracts and audit data. Thor smart contract development will get visualization tools and multilingual help from VeChain. Transactions are verified by masternodes in the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus technique used by VeChain.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)
History of The Big Eyes Coin (BIG)
Big Eyes was tired of being seen as timid and weak simply because he had big eyes on a cat. He then realized that the “cute” business is worth billions of dollars, so he came up with a scheme to profit from it while also protecting the ocean’s fish since, after all, cats need to eat.
He was adopted by a NASA Rocket Scientist couple after being born in Washington, DC. They were inseparable, and he learned the foundations of space engineering from them. Just three years old. However, a terrible YouTube experiment and dark matter mishap left him all by himself for the first time.
As he traveled the globe in pursuit of himself, Big Eye took a ride on a boat, discovering the value of nature, yoga, and the ways of the sea. When there is a storm or an eclipse. When Big Eyes was tossed overboard, he was left in the dark and alone once again. Without the daring rescue of a humpback whale, who carried him to Japan, he would have perished.
Big Eyes spent a year learning about Japanese culture, developing a natural skill for sushi making, and engaging in Zazen meditation. He ultimately accepted his attractiveness during a meditation, seeing it as a power rather than a problem, and realized that mankind needed direction on how to rescue the seas.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Dominating the Meme Coin Industry
Meme coins often have an endless or enormous supply. Meme currencies typically circulate in the billions, unlike Bitcoin, which was intended to have a limited amount of units accessible for mining. Similar to memes, meme coins don’t have a process that “burns” them out of existence, enabling their numbers to increase.
Meme coins were produced as a result of the meme digital currency, Dogecoin, which came into existence in December 2013. Meme coins are digital currencies that have gained popularity over time; they are supported by the popularity of online jokes and viral web photos. The meme coin functions just like any other cryptocurrency; its unique origin is what sets it apart. They are more unpredictable than other cryptocurrencies because of their close ties to the internet community, which makes their stability highly reliant on their opinions.
The mascot of Big Eyes is an anime-style cat with enormous pupils, a departure from the typical meme coins. Having dogs gives the token an advantage over its rivals since many meme currencies utilize dogs as a means of identification. Big Eyes’ developer recognized the cat culture as a “billion-dollar business” and used the “cute” market while making this strategic choice.
Big Eyes structures its project in such a manner that aims to transfer money from the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem to the financial market while maintaining its value. By giving 5 per cent of profits to marine-based charities, BIG wants to save the global ocean ecology.
BIG has a strong design team to maintain the system as a meme token that is constantly expanding in influencer and celebrity circles and the economy. At least 90% of BIG’s 200 billion token supply will be accessible at launch. The Big Eyes Sushi Crew club is managed by Big Eyes Coin (BIG). This group is specially made for those with wide eyes. One of the platform’s most important efforts is NFT Holder. It plans to organize yearly NFT events and collect NFTs from the top 10 projects! Profits from NFTs, as previously indicated events, will be voted on for lighting.
Big Eye Coin (BIG) offers a USD 2 million liquidity pool that is locked for two years, is tax and fee-free, has a 5 per cent ocean charity fund, and a large selection of digital and tangible goods.
Big Eyes Coin (BIG);
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