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Meme coins are a light-hearted feel for the seriousness of the digital money-making blockchain – Cryptocurrency. The unseriousness they bring to the crypto space helps add fun to the seriousness money-making brings. Also, meme coins are owned by a group of people, pushing the idea of community and individualism simultaneously. However, Dogeliens brings this light-hearted, fun feel and the money-making concept to the crypto market.

The meme coin crypto has gained popularity and relative acceptance over the years. Dogecoin is the first meme coin to gain popularity, and it has since influenced the rise of other meme coins. Previously, investors chose not to invest in the meme crypto market because of its volatility. However, due to widespread acceptance and the support shown by crypto mogul Elon Musk, Dogecoin gained popularity and, thereby, more significant scale purchase and adoption. For example, top crypto exchange platforms like Coinbase, Binance, and Gemini are now very much accepting of meme coins on their platforms.

Dogeliens is a meme coin from the dog token family, and it aims to build a positive community that focuses on aiding one another. The Dogeliens universe is aiming for high-scale growth and success. Also, the Dogeliens team aims to develop a network accommodating to everybody willing to join the Dogelien universe.

Shiba Predator is a dog-themed meme coin that allows its users only to buy but not sell. Tokenized by QOM, QOM allows its users to swap for other cryptocurrencies but cannot sell them. The Shiba Predator team sees every user of the QOM token as part of the team. However, the QOM community is everyone involved in the token, and it is believed that everyone must do their part for the token to take off.

Is Dogeliens A Better Meme Coin Purchase To Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge)?

Baby DogeCoin, as the name implies, is an offspring of DogeCoin. Tokenized by BabyDoge, it has learnt a few lessons and tricks from its meme father, DogeCoin. With its improved transaction speeds and adorableness, BabyDoge is a hyper-deflationary token. However, users get rewards through its static reflection mechanism. Also, this token is designed to become more scarce over time.

Dogeliens Academy

With the prediction that cryptocurrency will expand over the next decade, the goal of widespread adoption of this digital market will take hold. Dogeliens, knowing this and understanding the importance of information, has set up a free learning hub for the Dogelien platform users. However, this academy will present videos and well-structured lectures to Dogeliens users. Also, DOGET is the native token of Dogeliens.

Dogeliens NFTs And Metaverse

Every holder on the Dogeliens platform is given the right to mint their own NFTs. These NFTs minted will, in turn, be used in the Dogeliens’ very own p2e games. However, on the Dogeliens planet – Puptopia, players can compete against one another or come together to form a team that will battle against another team. These teams are known as; Pup-Litter (squad). Also, players have upgrade options, making the Puptopia universe more realistic than most meme coins lack.

The metaverse and gamfi world is constantly expanding, and Dogeliens have identified these. The ecosystem maximizes all the metaverse could provide, making it very much accessible for its users. So the little Dogelien pups are diving straight into the expansion of the metaverse world, providing DOGET users with the real deal.

Dogeliens Charity Venture

On the Dogeliens platform, 3% of every transaction done is sent to a wallet labelled charity wallet. The Dogeliens team understands the importance of charity and has taken it up and injected it into the Dogeliens ecosystem. However, these charitable donations are made every month from this charity wallet. Also, the charitable endeavours are not only expressed through charitable donations alone; the Dogeliens community will also be partnering with charity organizations to help fund education in underprivileged parts of the world.


This community-based dog-themed token is a fun money-making avenue that also brings a light-hearted feel.

Dogeliens (DOGET)




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