Dave Portnoy Sued By SafeMoon Investors For Pumping Coin

Barstool Sports founder and bitcoin bettor Dave Portnoy is slammed with a lawsuit by SafeMoon investors. He also revealed that SafeMoon sued him for trashing the company in his video.

Portney has made an investment of $40,000 in SafeMoon, which sliced into $2,370.94 after the tokens price fell by over 94%. However, even in extreme market conditions, he didn’t sell any single token.

According to CoinMarketCap, SafeMoon is trading around $0.0003972 while writing, which is 88.5% down from it’s all-time high.

Portnoy claims that investors want to sue him for pumping the coin. He stated on Twitter, “Thought I was under attack. Nope just telling me I was getting sued for schilling [sic] safemoon. Im [sic] only guy who loses all his money in SafeMoon and gets sued for it,” he added. 

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Also, Portnoy reportedly was sued by SafeMoon because he trashed the coin in the “Bitcoin 2022” video. In the official document, SafeMoon officials stated that Portnoy’s comment about the company gives a “bad look and unfair representation”.

Also, SafeMoon pointed out that he failed to mention that he hasn’t upgraded his holdings to V2 yet.

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