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Boss Cat Rocket Club Welcomed to Boss Planet Metaverse on Cardano

‘Boss Cat Rocket Club‘, an NFT PFP (picture-for-proof) collection featuring space kitties, has seen great success on the blockchain, leading to Boss Cat Rocket Club recently announcing the release of their own metaverse on Cardano that will be clearly distinct from the rest⁠—One reason being that BCRC warmly invites other crypto projects to join the ‘Boss Planet’.

Features of the Boss Planet Metaverse

Boss Planet will include a variety of features, such as:

  • Retail shopping zones selling both digital and real world goods;
  • A sports area with major sports arenas that will host a range of events;
  • Stadiums and concert halls for music & art performances;
  • A financial district with decentralized money;
  • Scientific research centres.

The boss of this metaverse, Blue Magic, has also said that there will be collaborations between gamers and social influencers. The founder is a member of the hit Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project, and the owner of Ape #4064. Additionally, Blue Magic mentioned that owners of the Boss Cat follow-up projects ‘Rocket Parts‘ & ‘Full Rocket‘ NFT collections will gain access to exclusive areas of the metaverse, including DeFi institutions, bars, restaurants and interactions with celebrities of the sports & entertainment world.

Celebrities Are Already Hanging out in Boss Planet

Some well-known celebrities are already supporting the new metaverse and building things inside it. One of these prestigious names is phenomenal boxer Manny Pacquiao, who owns District 5 and invites other members of the community to come and train with him.

Furthermore, legendary NBA star Baron Davis is an official brand ambassador, so expect him to slam dunk in the Boss Planet stadium.

A Flexible Ecosystem and Eco-Friendly Vibes

The energy system implemented in the new metaverse is designed in a way that would ignite the free market economy. Every member of the community will be able to collect token rewards, royalties, and participate in play-to-earn games.

Reportedly, Boss Cat Rocket Club specifically chose the Cardano blockchain over because of the low gas fees, which thus help to keep the metaverse environmentally friendly. “With near to negligible gas fees, transactions between wallets are very affordable, relative to other cryptos such as Ethereum where gas fees can easily be over $100. We wanted to provide affordable NFTs, with the same quality like Ethereum”, explained Blue Magic.

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