Bitgert Takes Over Safemoon Hype After Revealing Its Founder Went To College


March 13, 2022

The news about the Bitgert founder going to college has made the cryptocurrency community love this project.

The Bitgert (BRISE) is, without a doubt, the crypto project to watch right now. The crypto project is increasingly growing very popular with crypto investors due to its fast-growing hype. Bitgert received a huge boost after revelations that its founder went to college.

The move is a huge boost to the project hype, and it is already overtaking Safemoon, Babydoge, and many other cryptocurrencies. But Bitgert has been outperforming these cryptocurrencies in so many ways. Read more about Bitgert below and why it is overtaking the hype of many of its competitors:



The news about the Bitgert founder going to college has made the cryptocurrency community love this project even more. In fact, the crypto community has been searching for this project across the world. That’s why Bitgert has been leading Safemoon, Babydoge, and many other large cryptocurrencies in google search trends. This is information readily available on Google trends.

But there is more than just the Bitgert founder going to college that is making it very popular. The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has also been one of the reasons Bitgert is overtaking Safemoon hype. Besides developing its chain, Bitgert BRC20 is also the fastest chain and has the cheapest gas. These are the reasons why it has surpassed many cryptocurrency hypes.



The Centcex project hype is growing, and it’s growing fast. There are a number of indications showing that after Bitgert, Centcex might be the next big thing to watch. The fast-growing Centcex price and the marketcap are an indication this is the project to watch in 2022.

There are several factors that are driving this hype, and the huge prospects from investing for investing in this project are one of them. Centcex is among a few crypto projects building the largest utilities by developing an unlimited number of products. The benefits that come with huge utility, including huge staking rewards, are the reasons for the fast-growing Centcex hype.



Safemoon has been losing its hype fast and thus can be seen from plummeting SFM price. For the past 30 days, Safemoon has been plummeting straight while Bitgert was skyrocketing. The news about the launch of the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain and the launch of the chain has made the project overtake Safemoon.

There has been nothing that is exciting Safemoon investors and the crypto community at large than BRC20 blockchain. The news that Bitgert is launching its exchange very soon is also making the project take over Safemoon hype. So there is more Bitgert than just revealing that its founder went to college.



There is no way Babydoge hype can be compared with Bitgert (BRISE). In fact, it has no other way to beat Bitgert apart for the community size, which the Brise team is creating fast right now. But when it comes to delivering products, Babydoge is lagging behind.

Bitgert fast delivery of products and the launch of the Brise chain have enabled it to overtake Babydoge hype. With the coming exchange, which will be centralized, Bitgert will be way ahead of so many cryptocurrencies, not just Babydoge.

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