ASTROBOYS Releases NFT Collection with Gaming Platform




ATROBOYS, an Ethereum-based and community-driven collection of 8,888 NFTs, is developing an interactive Play-to-Earn and Augmented Reality Metaverse game that will feature the ASTROBOYS.

Players will be the physical representation of their NFTs and can choose their path of experience based on the ASTROBOY they are holding. As a player, you can also guide your character through the game as you battle and compete with other players.  

There will be daily rewards earned in the game depending on players’ ability to complete daily tasks or win tournaments. Earnings are paid out in ASTRO, the platform’s native currency, at the end of each day.

Holders of the ASTROBOYS will also have access to MOONWALKER, a first-of-its-kind app that lets you interact with your NFTs. You can use the app to customize your NFTs to your taste, interact with other members of the community and complete various tasks to earn rewards.

What’s more? Community members will also enjoy the app’s great content and services from partner projects and vendors. The app is not launching immediately, but you can begin minting your ASTROBOYS through the whitelist pre-sale. 




Those who mint through the whitelist pre-sale will secure a spot when the app finally launches. They can then log on and start playing to earn rewards and win prizes right away, before everyone who waited.

Holders of the ASTROBOYS will enjoy some benefits that reflect the project’s belief that the metaverse should be fun. The benefits include:

  • Exclusive STREETWEAR BRAND “MOONWALKER” for the first 1,111 holders
  • Charitable contributions to foundations that support mental health and children’s brain diseases
  • Limited edition GOLD AND LEGENDARY ASTROBOYS for private holders
  • Private invitation to 2000 holders to join the team for a luxury experience in Miami
  • Private invitation to 4000 holders to join the team for a luxury experience in Los Angeles
  • Astroboys sculpture for one of the LEGENDARY NFT holders


$ASTRO is the native utility token used to pay for services and experiences within the ASTROBOYS ecosystem. Apart from buying it, members can also earn the token by playing the Augmented Reality Play-to-Earn Metaverse game and by participating in various App activities. The token sale is scheduled for mid-June.

Phase 1 Minting Pre-Sale

The date for this will be announced. Astroboys will mint 1,111 NFTs at a floor price of 0.15 ETH each during the first phase of minting. To be the first in line to secure the freshly minted ASTROBOYS, you can join the pre-sale whitelist on Discord. All holders will receive exclusive MOONWALKER streetwear merch once the NFTs are sold out.

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