American Bank About to Permit Purchasing BTC & ETH, SHIB Accepted in Dubai Cafe, UFC Fighters will be Payed in Crypto

Now, the officials have been announced by the American banks about purchasing cryptocurrencies via banks. According to the latest official announcement which was posted on April 6. The American Bank has entered into a partnership with Bakkt Holdings. According to the details, American Bank will employ the Bakkt crypto-connect solution to enable its customers to buy, sell and hold the two largest cryptocurrencies by a market cap Bitcoin and Ethereum. Well, the customers of American Bank, which is a locally owned community bank headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Now, the bank has access to cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum via the latest crypto trading offering provided by the bank. The Bakkt crypto-connect solution is anticipated to launch in Q2, 2022. Many customers have been visiting to buy cryptocurrencies via bank since the announcement was made. Well, the American Bank intends to use Bakkat’s teaching materials to provide cost-effective access to cryptocurrencies as more customers become interested in purchasing the cryptocurrency through their bank.

Chief Revenue Officer of Bakkat, Sheela Zemlin released a statement,” Research has indicated that consumers would prefer to access from their existing bank, and we are excited American Bank is partnering with Bakkt provides customers a simple on-ramp to cryptocurrency within their trusted bank relationship”.

SHIB & Other Cryptocurrencies Accepted For Payment At Dubai’s Cafe

Now, the adoption of the Shiba Inu is going more traction, with other businesses connecting the list of entities that accept the meme cryptocurrency. According to the sources, the Cafe name Bake N More is located in Dubai, UAE’s second-largest city. Now, the cafe has allowed its customer to pay via Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tether with the help of Mixin Network.

Well, this is the only achievement of the canine coin in this week. Previously, it was covered by U.Today, Shiba Inu won “BitPay Brackets”, which is a tournament organized by leading cryptocurrency payments processor BitPay.

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While the world’s biggest sport, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) promotion, Ultimate Fighting Championship will begin to pay some additional bonuses to their fighter in crypto coins. Along with this, the promotion has already partnered with crypto-related companies and begun to pay Bitcoin to those who come to the top three fighters in every event.

The votes by fans will decide the winner of the crypto bonus, which will be an addition to traditional cash bonuses in different nominations.

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