Algoblocks – Learn to Earn for Non-Technical DeFi Enthusiasts

Smart trades are technically hard to execute, particularly for non-technical users with no coding knowledge, in the DeFi ecosystem. This DeFi project, AlgoBlocks, aims to fix this problem by creating an all-in-one highly intuitive no-code platform that allows individual investors to interact with existing DeFi protocols.

AlgoBlocks’ main goal is to remove the technical know-how, separate or remove all the unnecessary steps and aggregate some of the most important DeFi products for the users with predesigned and ready-to-use algorithmic templates and automation.

The inspiration behind creating this project is a couple of questions that occupied Joseph Kim’s mind, CEO of AlgoBlocks with more than 13 years of financial experience, “Why hasn’t the number of DeFi users exploded to the same magnitude as that of CeFi? What’s holding back the average crypto user from using DeFi products ubiquitously to trade crypto?”

AlgoBlocks recently started a learn-to-earn campaign on, a marketing platform that lets individuals and projects run marketing campaigns, that allows people to earn crypto while learning more about AlgoBlocks. There are already more than 142,000 participants in the campaign with only five lucky winners to be randomly selected for the prize of 100 USDT.

To be qualified for the prize, one must complete certain activities like watching the video about the project and answering a few questions related to AlgoBlocks. Furthermore, there is also a referral campaign that awards users based on the most referrals made. The awards for the referral campaign are:

  • Top 1 Referrer: $500 Worth of $ALGOBLK 
  • Top 2: Referrer: $300 Worth of $ALGOBLK 
  • Top 3 Referrer: $100 Worth of $ALGOBLK 
  • Top 4–30: $3 worth of $ALGOBLK each

Not to forget, the deadline for both of the campaigns is January 14, 2022.

To understand AlgoBlocks better and join the campaigns, please visit:

Website | Medium | Twitter | Join Campaign

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