XRP Ledger Goes Cross-Chain with This Release

Vladislav Sopov

Novel Wanchain (WAN) development makes XRPL seamlessly interoperable with Ethereum, BNB Chain, XinFin XDC Network and Wanchain itself


Wanchain (Wide Area Network chain), an ecosystem of blockchain solutions solely focused on interoperability challenges, created an array of protocols to make XRPL compatible with other blockchains.

Cross-chain XRPL tokens introduced by Wanchain

According to the announcement shared by Wanchain developers on Medium, the first batch of “cross-chain XRPL tokens” goes live. This means that these tokens can be seamlessly transferred from XRPL to other L1s.

Previously, Wanchain created the interoperability module for XRP, a first-ever cryptocurrency of the XRPL ecosystem.

Now, XRPL-based assets can be transferred to various leading programmatic blockchains –  Ethereum, BNB Chain, XinFin XDC Network and Wanchain – through purpose-made one-time addresses.


Thr first assets supported are GZX, xBILBx, XList and NVL. While xBILBx, XList and NVL can only be transferred to XinFin XDC Network and Wanchain, GZX token is now available on five networks simultaneously.

More assets, more bridges ahead

In the explanatory post, the Wanchain team shared the trustlines’ and token issuers’ details in order to guarantee seamless noncustodial interaction between various networks.

Wanchain team is sure that more XRPL-based assets will join the club soon while the instrument to bridge tokens from other blockchains to XRPL is under development.

As covered by U.Today previously, in May  2022, Wanchain created an instrument that connected Polkadot, Moonbeam, and Moonriver between each other.

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