VeChain (VET) Launches Merchandise In Europe and the United Kingdom

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VeChain (VET) Launches ToolChain-Powered T-Shirt to Celebrate Its Fourth Anniversary.

VeChain, a leading Layer-1 smart contract platform, has unveiled a fashion product commemorating its fourth anniversary.

The fashion product is dubbed the 2022 VECHAIN CLASSIC T-SHIRT and is powered by VeChain’s ToolChain. The product was officially unveiled in Europe and the United Kingdom. VeChain also supports shipping the product to other countries, including the United States, Singapore, Canada, and China.

“We recently launched ToolChain-powered merchandise in the EU/UK to celebrate VeChainThor’s 4th birthday. We’re now also shipping to US/Canada/China/Singapore Vefam! Grab a piece of blockchain history & witness the power of VeChain,” the L1 blockchain said in a statement. 

Features of the T-Shirt

The 2022 VECHAIN CLASSIC T-SHIRT is available in both black and white colors, with the inscription “HELLO VECHAIN” boldly written on the front of the shirt. 

The extra large size is designed for males, while the Medium size is made specifically for ladies. However, people can choose any of the sizes based on their preferences. 

With the 2022 VeChain Classic T-Shirt launched on ToolChain, users can easily see traceability information on the blockchain. Additionally, products are registered as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the VeChainThor blockchain. Based on this, owners of the T-Shirt can scan the QR codes on the shirt’s label from their mobile devices and complete the process toward owning the product as an NFT. 

VeChain’s Journey 

Launched in 2018, VeChain is the world’s leading enterprise-grade layer-1 smart contract platform. VeChain’s blockchain, VeChainThor, has been adopted for various use cases, especially in supply chain and logistics, to guarantee the authenticity of products. 

As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Cambodia’s largest alcoholic and beverage exporter leveraged VeChain tech to eliminate the distribution of fake products. Canadian software company TruTrace also adopted VeChain’s tech to verify the authenticity of legal cannabis.  

“We’re excited to announce a strategic Integration Partnership with TruTrace Technologies, a Canadian SaaS platform that will soon offer VeChain ToolChain to clients. Together, we’re accelerating blockchain adoption for provenance & authentication,” VeChain said in a statement

Following its numerous adoptions in the last four years since it went live, VeChain rolled out the fashion product to allow supporters to share in the company’s vision and history. 

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