VeChain (VET) COVID-19 Blockchain Solution Adopted by Top Cyprian Hospitals 

The VeChain (VET) and I-Dante co-developed solution for COVID-19 RT-PCR and antibody test records have been successfully implemented at the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus. The team claims the solution makes life easier for patients and health workers by simplifying the delivery of test results, diagnostics and more, according to a blog post on December 3, 2020.

Health Records on the Blockchain

In a bid to make it easier for health professionals to tackle the COVID-19 scourge, VeChain(VET), a distributed ledger technology (DLT) project focused on solving real-world problems with blockchain technologies, joined forces with I-Dante, to develop a medical data management platform, earlier this year.

Since its official rollout, the health management system has been gaining significant traction in Cyprus, with the Mediterranean Hospital claiming to have used it to record the test results of more than 8,000 people in the region.  

Fast forward to December 2020 and the solution has attracted another user in Aretaeio Hospital, which is now set to use the blockchain solution for its lab testing services.

To simplify the entire process, the VeChain and I-Dante team are making active plans to create an upgraded version of the E-HCert blockchain application that will function as a Digital Lab Test Wallet that will offer users a vast array of blockchain-based health services.

Reducing Paperwork and Fostering Efficiency 

Per the team, hospital laboratories of Cyprus currently produce enormous amounts of data using the Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), extensive paperwork and other manual processes which are quite a time consuming and cumbersome. 

However, with the VeChain blockchain system, the team hopes to reshape the health ecosystem and provide healthcare systems with solutions that comply with GDPR policies, while also providing patients with a compliant, private and secure method of viewing and sharing their health information.

The team wrote:

“Blockchain technology represents the best opportunity to radically reshape the current paradigm and change the delivery of healthcare, test results, therapeutics, diagnostics and advance the process and security of information exchange between parties.”

The team claims the E-HCert solution powered by VeChain Thor comes with the immutability property of blockchain technology and it also has a web portal that allows doctors to request the health records of patients in a transparent way.

VeChain (VET) remains one of the projects striving to accelerate blockchain adoption globally. As reported by BTCManager, earlier in November, VeChain collaborated with Blue Bite to roll out a solution that aims to simplify blockchain integration for businesses.

At press time, VeChain’s native crypto is trading at $0.016488, with a market cap of $1.06 billion, as seen on CoinMarketCap.

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