TRON Continues to Lead the Industry Forward with Its Impressive Achievements on Stablecoins

New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – May 3, 2022) – TRON-based stablecoin witnessed a historic moment: it claimed the top spot among all Stablecoins, becoming the world’s largest Stablecoins by circulating supply.

Statistics on the blockchain explorer TRONSCAN show that the circulating supply of TRC20-USDT, one of the TRON-based stablecoin, passed the 41.7 billion mark on March 31, accounting for more than 50% of USDT’s total circulating supply. This is only one of the results of the surging crypto market cap, which comes along with an ever-larger user base. In such a context, blockchain players have thus been confronted with a persistent headache: how do they attract and retain customers? The answer lies in the stablecoins on TRON. Supported by the fast, secure, transparent, and affordable TRON network, stablecoins on TRON offer one of the best gateways to the crypto market.

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TRON also outperforms in many fields such as circulation volume, the number of unique addresses, and daily transfer volume. The daily transfer volume of TRC20-USDT has maintained its stable performance of over 1 million. It’s also worth noting that TRON is the public chain that hosts the additional issuance of Tether the most frequently, with the circulation volume of TRC20-USDT keeping increasing and exceeding 41.7 billion.

Today, TRON has built a thriving stablecoin empire underpinned by four pillars-USDT, USDC, USDJ, and TUSD-covering the industry’s top two players, a decentralized stablecoin, and a compliant USD-pegged stablecoin. TRON is further consolidating its edge in the stablecoin sector.

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