Privesecure could potentially displace VeChain, and Elrond to enter into the list of best long-term crypto investments

Sep 08, 2022 12:52 IST

New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI/ATK): Cryptocurrencies have been a game-changer for the financial services ecosystem. Powered by blockchain technology and decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, these digital assets enable the investors to exercise more control over the investment mechanism and the process of wealth generation. Plus, the sustained rally in their prices has made them a global favorite. So much so that even businesses are leveraging their potential to gain a competitive advantage.
If you are a rookie investor who’s struggling to make sense of the world of cryptocurrencies, you can always start with research. You can dig up information about some of the top performers like Privesecure (PRSC), Elrond (EGLD), and VeChain (VET) and then make an informed decision. Here’s a look at some of their key features.
Privesecure: Offering unmatched cloud security for crypto trading
Privesecure is an open-source cloud storage platform that provides data security solutions for cryptocurrency trading and analysis. It aims to catalyze the cloud storage ecosystem by repurposing underutilized computer storage. Privesecure has rolled out a native token, PRSC, that can be used for all transactional purposes one encounters on the platform. These uses include staking, earning rewards, token swapping, and liquidity pool acquisition, among other use cases.
The platform’s key USP is the advanced cybersecurity that it can offer its users which helps them safeguard their assets and data. It also offers users niche authentication systems and other access control techniques that let users control who can access their data. Meanwhile, end-to-end encryption makes sure that user data is not accessible to third-party institutions. Moreover, you can access these features from anywhere across the world as Privesecure stores data on servers. Plus, its features for advanced cloud monitoring help users keep tabs on their data and its accessibility from anywhere in the world.
Interested users will be able to purchase the PRSC Token on presale and can earn attractive rewards on their purchases. These rewards will, however, depend on a range of factors like the cryptocurrency used in the transaction, the stage of the presale, the buyer’s referrals, the total amount spent on the transaction, and even how soon a user purchases the PRSC Tokens after signing up on the platform. For example, if you are an Ethereum user and want to buy PRSC Tokens with ETH, you will automatically get 10 per cent extra tokens for free as a reward. Now, if the same transaction is made in the first stage of the presale, a user gets an additional 7 per cent of tokens as a bonus. The bonus for purchasing PRSC Tokens with ETH coins in the second stage of presale is 5 per cent and 3 per cent in the third stage.
The total supply of the token is 40 million and its usage is divided between different categories. Of this, 25 per cent of the tokens have been set aside for private sales and another 25 per cent for public sales. The remaining tokens have been set aside for advisors, team members, liquidity pool provisioning, and strategic partners. Also, the tokens purchased on presale will have a vesting period of two months.
The proceeds from the token sale will also be utilized for different purposes like product research and platform development (45 per cent), sales and marketing activities (20 per cent), operations (20 per cent) for maintaining reserves and liquidity (10 per cent), and for meeting legal obligations (5 per cent).

VeChain’s VET Token now available on XeggeX
VeChain is a blockchain-based platform that provides its users with a slew of niche tools to deploy Web 3.0 solutions that could solve real-world economic challenges. Its blockchain VeChainThor is a public network that comes with meta-transaction features. With these features, users can look forward to multi-party payments, controllable transactions, and more user-friendly developments that make it easier for enterprise adoption and multi-task transactions. Its native token VET comes in handy for meeting any transactional obligations like staking, earning rewards, and other similar use cases. In a recent development, VeChain Foundation stated that the VET Token will now be listed on the XeggeX exchange on the VET/BTC and VET/USDT markets.
Elrond’s registered users cross 183 million
Elrond is a decentralized platform for deploying and scaling dApps and enterprise use cases. It has a native token called EGLD that can be used for staking and other transactional purposes on the platform. It is built on the proof-of-stake consensus protocols and has a network of validators and delegators who stake the EGLD Tokens to secure the blockchain network. In a recent development, Elrond announced that it processed 56,39 million transactions as its number of registered users reached 183 million on September 5, 2022.
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