PancakeSwap coin is comfortably the most searched unknown crypto asset right now

It’s been a turbulent time for cryptocurrency. Economic uncertainty has caused serious volatility surrounding the prices of the most established cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin’s value has fallen over 43% in the year to date (YTD), while Ethereum has followed a similar path, experiencing a 43% YTD decline too.

With these bigger coins making headlines for their price falls, Skilling decided to take a look at which unknown crypto assets are gaining the most attention via Semrush search volume and Google Trends. 

PancakeSwap coin was ranked as comfortably the most popular lesser-known crypto asset right now. Global search volume was 1.4 million for PancakeSwap (CAKE). The main reason it is garnering search volume is because of its recent launch as a new decentralised crypto exchange.

After securing fresh funding from Wall Street, KuCoin is the second most searched for cryptocurrency with nearly one million searches.

In Google Trends, we compared the leading crypto assets over five key search terms. The result was a comparative rank that reflects the interest in the search term – and any other relevant searches containing these terms.

XRP’s comparative rank was over 70 which was more than double second placed KuCoin’s rank of 33.74. Fantom (19.65) rounded out the top 3 when it came to Google Trends comparative rank. 

The price of XRP is undoubtedly the most interesting coin value throughout the crypto industry right now. Semrush positions its global search volume at 614,100 per month, compared with second-placed VeChain with 57,200 monthly searches.

It wasn’t just the price of XRP that gained lots of attention.

Our research also explored the cryptocurrencies people are most keen to buy. Using Semrush, we could identify that “Where to buy XRP” was the most popular search term out of all other crypto assets, with 17,600 monthly searches worldwide.

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