Olafur Eliasson introduced a new VR artwork and is producing its first NFT –

  • Olafur Eliasson has introduced a mind-blowing experience of Virtual Reality.
  • The artist is growing interest in light, approach, and holy geometry.

Otherworldly, a mind-blowing experience in developed and virtual reality, looks like to be all the craze in the art world, and a new project by Olafur Eliasson excitedly follows a lawsuit. Using advanced immersion tools, the Danish-Icelandic artist is growing interest in light, approach, and holy geometry.

As a member of the new digital project named “Your View Matter,” which turns out to be a hypnotic virtual reality experience, Eliasson, the Bob Ross of light art experienced climate change, will make a strike into the province of NFTs as well. Possibly proof of its scale and objective, the project is being authorized by Vignesh Sundaresan, popularly known as Metakovan, the art collector and early crypto engineer. They grandly paid $69.3 million at Christine’s in 2021 for Beeple’s Everyday: the first 5000 Days.

The digital project, which can be accessed free of cost with a Virtual Reality headset thanks to a partnership with Acute Art, introduces today, September 5, on yourviewmatter. art. It will be added to Eliasson’s vital show opening at the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence from September 22 of this year.

The experience includes a moving color box of forms – from the tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron, and cube – which can be arranged in real architectural spaces.

“To make the virtual world into world of the personified survey is a deep-rooted interest of mine,” said Eliasson in an interview with the media about the project, which he has been engaged in for six years. “Your view matter requests you to physically understand how technologies interlace with our ability to see and create what we see.”

NFT to be released with polkadot

At the end of this month, a Non-Fungible Token of the hypnotic project will be produced. In line with Eliasson’s told worries about climate change, he is choosing to free his NFT with Polkadot, a greener, good version of Ethereum.

Metakovan spoke with Artnet News, in which he stated that he believes the NFT world, after the current market crash, is confident for growth, and the artist possibly guides the way. “The creator economy is being revised by crypto,” Metakovan explained. “Digital art is a big factor of that.”

Daniel Birnbaum, the artistic director of Acute Art, a firm leading the AU and VU artworks, spoke to the Art Newspaper that at that time, several artists may have been a bit doubtful about exploring the NFT space because of the legal, environmental interest, that new technologies can be used later concepts in art.

In April, Palazzo Strozzi also managed a project by the superstar NFT wunderkind, Refik Anandol, data controlled machine understanding algorithms have been released on everything from MoMA’s image records to medical and scientific sources.

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