NFT Steez and Lukso Co-founder Discuss Blockchain-Based Identities

  • NFT Steez discussed with Lukso’s co-founder blockchain-based identities.
  • They discuss how Universal Profiles onboard and empower users with digital self-sovereignty.

NFT Steez’s Discussion With Hernandez

In recent times, Sovereign identity was a hot topic in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem. It also focused on the rise of the creator economy. While, at present, the two types of digital identities one is federated and centralized, and the other is a self-sovereign digital identity.

NFT Steez, a bi-weekly Twitter Spaced which is hosted by Alyssa Exposito and Ray Salmond, came along with the co-founder of LUKSO, Marjorie Hernandez. They discussed the state of blockchain-based identities and the “Universal Profiles.” Hernandez said that in the near future, “everything will have a digital identity.”

But here the question arises what types of framework exist that will aid in governing these digital identities?

Highlights of The Interview

In the Interview, Hernandez discussed the paradigm shift between centralized platforms to a more “platform-less future.” She emphasizes that users are required to be in control of their identities and creation on a more “agnostic platform,” in which they can own their intellectual property through the “Universal Profiles.”

Furthermore, she added that the Universal Profile can be referred to as a personal operating system (OS) in which one can authenticate themselves, and also send, receive and create assets. She denotes Universal Profile as a “Swiss Army type tool that is serving so many purposes for the user.”

However, the integration of Universal Profiles in Lukso allows the users and creators to reclaim their identities and issues IP in a symbiotic manner between the user and creator.

She inferred that while some perceive digital as masking one’s true self, she considers it a “decentralized digital environment,” people will be emboldened “to move beyond these predispositions” and express one’s “true real self.”

On behalf of Hernandez’s thesis, the blockchain-based identity is not only verifiable but further allows the users full control of their data, identity, and IP.

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