Is It Too Late to Buy Stellar? XLM Price Blasts Up 50% and This Next Bitcoin is Selling at $1 – How Does it Work?

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Stellar Lumens (XLM) has enjoyed a strong performance in July, with a total Month-on-Month gain of +60%, emboldening the ranks of long-standing holders.

In the midst of what could be described as a ‘recovery rally’ move, Stellar Lumens has seen two-months of strong upside momentum, carrying price from a rock-bottom $0.075 on June 15 to an impressive local high of $0.17.

XLM Price Analysis: Stellar Lumens Recovery Rally Continues to Push Up

The upside momentum has left XLM trading high, with a current price of $0.16 (a 24-hour change of +2.17%). 

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Recovery moves come following over a year of significant downside moves from XLM, giving much needed relief to Stellar holders, as price resumes similar levels to Spring 2022.

Ripple’s strong performance in the SEC lawsuit and the ensuing verdict, have ignited a frenzy of volume behind XLM – with investors emboldened by the legal win.

Moving averages have given the recovery rally strong technical under-footing, with the initial bounce on July 13 launching off the 20DMA and 200DMA.

In an impressive technical display, the 20DMA remains ascendent, providing localized support to the skyrocketing price level.

However, XLM’s RSI could be ringing the alarms, with a significant over-heating to 67 signaling strong bearish divergence as XLM’s price structure becomes technically over-bought.

This could signal the need for a minor localised retracement and period of consolidation after the dramatic move.

Yet, the MACD remains bullish still at 0.00071 – showcasing bullish momentum continuing to back-up the upside swing.

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With technical form appearing in good health, upside potential is high, a break up above the $0.18 price level would see a significant opportunity to leg-up to $0.25 (+52.4%).

And downside risk here is minimized, with a local support area from a combined 20DMA and $0.135 price level mitigating any downturn (-17.6%).

This leaves XLM with an emboldened risk: reward of 2.97, an alluring entry characterized by substantial upside potential, suggesting that it is not too late to buy XLM.

Discover the Future of Bitcoin: With BTC20

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And as investors hunt the markets, another unique opportunity presents itself – the presale of BTC20.

This isn’t just another token, it’s a breakthrough in blockchain technology that could potentially redefine the future of cryptocurrency and your portfolio.

A unique concoction of advanced blockchain technology and economic foresight, BTC20 harnesses the robustness of Ethereum’s smart contracts, the potential of DeFi, the creativity of NFTs, and the democratic vision of DAOs.

Envision a cryptocurrency that’s not merely a means of payment but an access token, a value carrier to an array of future projects, with a promise of optimizing speed, efficiency, and diversity. This is what BTC20 brings to the table.

As an advanced cryptocurrency, it leverages Ethereum’s versatile platform, creating an ecosystem where digital currency meets innovative applications and services.

Imagine Buying Bitcoin Early at Just $1

But what makes BTC20 truly exciting is its presale status. It’s like the early days of Bitcoin all over again.

Those who seize the opportunity now are essentially the pioneering investors, standing at the precipice of potential exponential growth.

BTC20 takes a giant leap forward in addressing Bitcoin’s notorious environmental problem.

It pivots from the energy-guzzling proof-of-work model to a more sustainable and less demanding proof-of-stake technology. But the benefits extend beyond environmental considerations.

The shift to proof-of-stake opens up a world of opportunities, including the revolutionary staking-to-earn mechanism.

Imagine Rewards for Long-Term BTC Holders

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Imagine being rewarded simply for holding your tokens, rather than simply praying.

With BTC20’s staking mechanism, you have the potential to earn additional tokens proportional to your staking quantity, the more you stake, the higher the rewards.

But that’s not all – BTC20 is priced at a mere $1 during presale. So, if BTC20 captures even 10% of Bitcoin’s market cap, each token’s value could catapult to $2,790 – a potential increase of 278,900%.

BTC20 isn’t just another token in, it’s a long-term project backed by a dedicated team of developers working with a 120-year vision. Its supply mirrors Bitcoin, with a cap at 21 million tokens.

With such a vision, and with the buzz already generated within the crypto analyst community, BTC20 has the potential to outlive the original Bitcoin itself.

As a crypto enthusiast, you’ve seen Bitcoin’s journey. You’ve witnessed its potential.

Now, you have the opportunity to be part of a similar journey, perhaps an even more rewarding one, with BTC20.

Its presale is live, and the tokens are selling out fast.

Don’t let this golden opportunity slip away, dive into the BTC20 whitepaper to understand the ground-breaking technology that propels it.

Connect with the community on BTC20 Twitter and be part of the conversation.

Remember, the future of cryptocurrency might just be a click away.

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Disclaimer: Crypto is a high-risk asset class. This article is provided for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. You could lose all of your capital.

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