FTX adds $ 7B in months, firefighters buy BTC and ETH, Worldcoin comes to your eye + More news

The Worldcoin Orb. Source: a screenshot, worldcoin.org

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Investment news

The exchange of FTX cryptocurrencies announced the closing of a $ 420,690,000 Series B-1 fundraiser, raising the company’s valuation to $ 25 billion, or $ 7 billion more than in July this year. The round had the participation of 69 investors, including the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board , Temasek , funds and accounts managed by BlackRock and others. The round will allow FTX to expand into new jurisdictions and improve its current offerings, the company said. The Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy background , the second US bitcoin (BTC) futures exchange-traded fund (ETF), will launch on Friday, Bloomberg reported. The company planned to trade under the BTFD ticker, but reverted to the originally planned BTF. The cryptocurrency startup Copper has started talks with investors about a new round of funding that could value them at more than $ 2 billion, Business Insider reported. The company has raised $ 75 million previously and has about 160 employees in its London, New York and Singapore offices. The Houston Firefighters’ Relief and Retirement Fund , which has more than $ 4 billion in assets, has invested $ 25 million in bitcoin and ethereum (ETH) through the asset manager NYDIG , according to Bloomberg. His chief investment officer said he preferred direct investments in these cryptocurrency pools, rather than taking risks associated with futures-related investments. The Canadian Retirement Company Wealthsimple is allowing Canadians to choose crypto through a group retirement savings program in the workplace, by putting up to 3% of their money in bitcoin and ethereum ETFs, according to Yahoo! Finance.

Altcoins News

Worldcoin , a heavily backed startup that aims to create a new cryptocurrency from scratch that gives coins to all people on earth, launched “stealthily” on Thursday. The company claims that it has accumulated more than 100,000 users worldwide so far and is aiming to reach the 1 billion user milestone by 2023, according to CNBC. Worldcoin also revealed field tests of its biometric device, the Orb. “We are in the early stages of designing Worldcoin’s long-term governance strategy, scholarship programs, and roadmap partnerships,” the company said on its website, without elaborating on a possible timeline. Worldcoin is protected by the underlying Ethereum network, they added. To help protect against fraud in the initial coin distribution, Worldcoin wants to use an iris scanning hardware device to confirm that each user is a unique person. ( Have more information: Why Coinbase-backed Worldcoin is unlikely to be successful)

NFT News

The investment management company focused on Meta4 Fund Management crypto has announced the launch of Meta4 NFT Fund I , an investment vehicle that will buy rare specimens of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The new private investment fund has secured a principal investment of Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), while the fund will invest in digital art and collectibles (i.e. Bored Ape Yacht Club), gaming-related NFTs (i.e. Zed run ) and related metaverse. purchase (i.e. virtual land).


The member of the board of the Federal Reserve of The US Randal Quarles stated that he does not understand the reasoning behind the issuance of a central bank digital currency (CBDC), and said that the huge amount of resources, as well as the technological risks, could outweigh the benefits. It was also unclear on how a CBDC could address financial inclusion concerns, as its supporters contend. ( More information: CBDC: A solution in search of a problem? )

Stablecoins News

In response to US senators, the Diem stablecoin project has distanced itself from Facebook , stating that they are an independent organization, while I did not see Facebook is just another member of your association. They also claimed that top regulators had called it “the best-designed stablecoin project the US government had ever seen.”

Mining news

The company crypto mining Hut 8 Mining announced a USD 58.7 million purchase of 12,000 new miners from Inchigle Technology . The miners are expected to be delivered starting in January 2022, at a delivery rate of approximately 1,000 machines per month, with full deployment anticipated by December 2022, bringing their capacity to around 3.57 EH / s.

DeFi News

The Blockchain platform Orbs has announced the launch of Open DeFi notification protocol decentralized finance (DeFi), which is designed to provide users with free mobile notifications for consequential on-chain events. The protocol leverages contributions from community members to record events such as accumulated pending rewards, price fluctuations, near-liquidations, stop loss, contract updates, new governance votes, and more. The Ethereum Balancer (BAL) and Gnosis (GNO) protocols have announced the launch of the Balancer-Gnosis-Protocol (BGP), which provides users with liquidity, trading prices and optimized gas costs. BGP eliminates the need for an outside market maker or liquidity provider, they said.

Smart contract news

The IOTA Foundation has announced the beta launch of IOTA Smart Contracts, which, according to the Foundation, allow users to create and run custom smart contracts on a free network, with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) support. Developers will be able to set their own execution fees, which can also be zero.
The Associated Press said it will make its economic, sports and racing call data sets available to blockchains via Chainlink (LINK), allowing smart contracts on any blockchain to interact with real-world data from AP.

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