Dogecoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin – American Wrap 16 May

Bitcoin price falls more than 5% after a massive rally off of new 2022 lows. Ethereum price, like BTC, has given up nearly all of the gains it generated since last Friday. XRP price shows signs that it will be unable to breakout above near-term resistance, signaling another major drop in value may occur.

Three indicators that tell you when Bitcoin will bottom

Analysts have evaluated Bitcoin’s indicators and identified a bottom in BTC. Experts believe Bitcoin price could wipe out its losses and eye a $40,000 target in the next few months based on the indicators. 

Dogecoin price pauses before returning to $0.14

Dogecoin price action has experienced some major whipsaws in price action since last week. Unless something drastic or unexpected happens, that behavior is likely to continue into this week.

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