Dave Portnoy’s SafeMoon Bet By the Numbers

Another day, another celebrity crypto endorsement and a lawsuit to match? 

Dave Portnoy invested $40,000 into SafeMoon and he says that, despite his investment, he was clear that it was a scam. This was all revealed in a Twitter video where Portnoy confronts a man for informing Portnoy about an upcoming lawsuit. Portnoy has previously called SafeMoon his favorite “shitcoin.” 

To further prove his point, he shared an image of his account balance–which stands at a little over $2,000.

We’ve seen the celebrity alt coin endorsement before that eventually goes to zero which is then followed by a big lawsuit…well today is no different…The Barstool Sports Founder, Dave Portnoy is claiming he is being sued by SafeMoon investors.

This news is republished from another source. You can check the original article here.

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