Crypto Market: A Common Man’s Dream

A decade ago, the dream of making it big in cryptocurrency was nothing less than a fantasy. Nobody knew how Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream of introducing an invisible currency would shape the world of investment. Most of the world’s population remained indifferent to terms like blockchain, minting, NFTs, and mining. But it took less than a decade for the cryptocurrency to herald its full bloom. What began with Bitcoin in 2008 turned into a staggering wave of digital assets and a solid blockchain ecosystem. Fast forward 14 years later, the global crypto cap stands at a whopping $1 trillion.

Despite the rapid growth, the cryptocurrency market remained polarized during the initial years. The risk, restrictions, limitations, and lack of knowledge served as restraints strengthening this phenomenon. With a fraction of people influencing the market, it was a far cry for the majority to enter the crypto landscape. The limitation of resources, infrastructure, and knowledge, allowed influential personalities to make the numbers dance to their tunes. People like Tesla’s founder Elon could control the rise and dips of the market with a single tweet. The man behind SpaceX is the sole reason Dogecoin became the town’s talk in no time. However, things have started to change as the cryptocurrency market widens its wings in recent years. 

The introduction of digital assets such as Cake, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Tether has allowed the common public to test their luck. The gradual acceptability of the crypto has been a positive sign. Today, leading companies have started to accept crypto payments as legitimate currency.   Leading cryptocurrency gurus have begun to work towards making the crypto market accessible to the masses. Taariq Paul, a Trinidad & Tobago-born college dropout, remains a popular name on the list. Born to Terrance and Margaret Paul in 1992, he aims to make cryptocurrency the song of every bird. Taariq’s dream is to educate the people around him about the basics of the thriving global market. The idea is to create a diversified network of people who can contribute to the ecosystem and make a fortune. 

Taariq migrated from his home in Trinidad & Tobago to Pennsylvania in 1994. Fueled by a passion for changing the world, Taariq made the most of his resources. Graduating high school in 2011 was a turning point in Taariq’s life. As a mediocre student, he had chosen a different path for himself. In later years, Taariq worked for retailers like Best Buy to make a living. However, his dream was bigger than catering to thousands of customers daily. After spending a brief time in the retail sector, Taariq made a brave decision by stepping into the crypto landscape. It took Paul a while to understand the crypto dynamics, but soon he managed to get a grip. Soon Taariq was able to make a fortune in the crypto market through a party bus and limousine company. 

Spending years in the crypto ecosystem made Taariq realize that few people had a clear idea of the crypto market. He witnessed a massive vacuum and lack of awareness among the masses. Then, he started to take concrete steps to bridge the gap between the people and the crypto market. Taariq’s vision to enable people to understand crypto made him author a book named A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Cryptocurrency. The book introduces the masses to crypto basics and terminologies related to the market. The plan was to induct a large chunk of the population into the process of crypto trading.  

In recent times, Taariq has established a unique persona among the crypto leaders. He remains committed to making cryptocurrency a cup of tea for everyone. As an author Taariq has ensured to reach out to the maximum number of people worldwide. His book A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Cryptocurrency remains a pivotal contributor to making crypto popular among the world’s growing population. People like Taariq are the reason why people have started to invest in different crypto assets. It’s no wonder that everyone today wants to learn how they can make a fortune in the crypto world. 

The growing craze around cryptocurrency is why people like Taariq are optimistic about its future. It’s safe to say that more people would try their luck in the emerging cryptocurrency market. 

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