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One of 10,000 SquatchFund NFTs in the Collection

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The SquatchFund

The SquatchFund Unveils Plans for a New Collection of NFTs that Receive Dividends from Fund Investments

The principle is so easy and yet it’s very forward-thinking. You simply buy and hold a Squatch in your wallet, and receive dividends passively from a diverse range of investments.”

— Jenny Gough

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, July 8, 2022 / — The SquatchFund has announced the impending drop of their new ‘Squatch’ NFT collection – uniquely cool Sasquatch designs that receive dividends from the Fund’s crypto-investing and trading activities.

Holders of the Squatch NFTs will receive dividend distributions directly to the NFT-holding wallet, making this project an incredibly simple and straightforward means of receiving passive income through NFT investing – even for those brand-new to crypto or NFTs.

The SquatchFund maintains a diverse portfolio of investments across their team of savvy traders, governed by what the project calls the ‘Squatch InvestoManifesto’ – a core-value-driven guiding principle that maintains a conservative base, while confidently exploring higher-risk investments, all “spiced up with a dash of WILD”.

“The Squatch NFT project design includes more than 100 different investments within 7 unique trading profiles, with the aim of providing the highest possible dividends to the Squatch NFTs, while maintaining a solid foundation at the base of the portfolio to ensure longevity and security for the project,” explains Jenny Gough, spokesperson and Project Lead for The SquatchFund. “Everything in crypto has the ability to change very fast. The SquatchTraders always have their finger on the pulse, and aren’t limiting their trading to any specific types of investment.”

The 10,000 Squatch NFTs will be released in stages, with the first round of NFTs available to mint in late July. The collection will be housed on the OpenSea Marketplace, and minted by ERC-721A contract on the Polygon blockchain – a choice, Gough says, that was made to minimize gas fees for minting and royalty-free resale by NFT holders.

The Early Access List for the first round of minting is open for registration now at The SquatchFund website.

Early Access Minting is planned to kick-off on July 27, 2022, at $300 USD per Squatch (paid in MATIC). The collection will subsequently open for public mint 72 hours later, at $400 USD per Squatch.

The first of sixty monthly dividend distributions is scheduled for October 27, 2022.

“It’s really an incredible opportunity, especially as more and more people are seeking multiple sources of passive income, and NFTs are growing in popularity. The principle is so easy and yet it’s very forward-thinking. You simply buy and hold a Squatch in your wallet, and receive dividends passively from a diverse range of investments, some of which many individuals wouldn’t be in a position to make on their own,” says Gough.

For more information, check out The SquatchFund InfoPaper/WIKI.

You can also join The SquatchFund’s Discord Community HERE.

About The SquatchFund

The SquatchFund is a team of crypto industry experts and traders (and one highly energetic Project Coordinator to fuel the fire) that has designed a collection of cool digital art collectible NFTs with passive-dividend utility. The NFTs are a collection of unique and randomly-generated Squatches with graphically designed elements amalgamating hand-drawn and graphic design artwork, along with stock photography and other GD elements. The NFTs are housed on the OpenSea Marketplace on the Polygon blockchain.

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