Cofeezilla’s final expose on Safemoon: Token hits the bucket

Cofeezilla’s final expose on Safemoon is out, and it has tanked the token’s price. Yesterday, it fell by 16% and is now 96.5% below its ATH. When the first video of the fraud was released, the price tanked by 26%, while the impact is lower this time; it’s the final nail in the coffin. Whales have started to sell as they realize the truth. One of them just dumped 4 billion tokens in the market.

Cofeezilla’s final expose on Safemoon: token hits the bucket

Let’s get a recap first of what the first video of Cofeezilla was about. There he showed us that John Karony, the CEO of the project, was stealing from the liquidity pool, which was supposed to be locked. This goes in line with the other team members who were also frauds and did the same thing. However, the safemoon army wasn’t happy, and they wouldn’t believe that their beloved founder was a fraud. So, the YouTuber did more research and uncovered evidence to prove his point.

In this video, he starts off by saying that the wallet where the liquidity pool money was being stored by John was used to invest in a shitcoin called Stonsk. The coin was recommended by Ben Phillips and was a part of the pump and dump scheme. Now, if it was a company wallet, John wouldn’t have spent the money on a random coin. Other than that, he also invested in other coins from the wallet, which shows he has been using investor money for his personal use.

Cofeezilla also shared that he found an address that he suspected to be John’s having Moondog NFTs and $4M in USDC. Later, he found that Moondog was shilled by Ben Philips, and in the same tweet, John replied with his Moondog holding. This proves that the address belongs to John. Coming to the $4 million which was in the address, it came in from Bitmart and other wallers which were supposed to be company funds. John was also found cashing out millions of dollars in Coinbase and Kraken wallets.

I would recommend watching the video. Cofeezilla explains it a lot better.

I ain’t sure if the Safemoon army is still going to believe in the evidence. But it doesn’t matter much because most of them have already lost nearly their entire capital.

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