Bitcoin, VeChain and Polkadot – European Wrap 8 November

Bitcoin price has been on a steady uptrend for the past two days and shows signs of continuing. Ethereum and Ripple are following the big cryptic and are heading higher. This trend is likely to translate to other altcoins in the market soon.


VeChain price has been stuck under a stiff resistance level for roughly five months but recently managed to break above and flip it into a support level. This development screams a massive uptrend is on its way. 

VET/USDT 1-day chart

Polkadot price saw a massive uptick in buying pressure on November 1, which pushed it into the price discovery mode for a brief period. However, this run-up was based on fumes, which has led to consolidation under a crucial resistance barrier. A breach of this level is likely to propel DOT to new highs.


DOT/USDT 1-day chart





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