Bitcoin price crosses $30,000, check latest cryptocurrency rates

Bitcoin’s price on Friday crossed the $30,000-mark as other cryptocurrencies, by and large, were trading in green.

Even though cryptos gained, but not enough as trading remained choppy and bearish sentiment persisted, according to data on CoinDesk.


The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, gained 2.67 per cent to $30,525.66.

The second largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalisation, Ethereum gained 0.68 per cent to $1,823.40.

“Bitcoin price was rejected from resistance at US$32,000 on Tuesday, sending the crypto to retest the support level at US$30,000 on Thursday. BTC is trading in a tight range, and it may break out or break below the current level,” Edul Patel Co-Founder and CEO of Mudrex said.

“As the bearish sentiment in the market continues, the growth could be limited. A close above US$32,000 could be the initial level for bulls to overcome,” Patel said.

Other cryptocurrencies such as Binance Coin gained 2.16 per cent, XRP was up 4.37 per cent, Solana gained 5.82 per cent, Cardano gained 5.48 per cent, Stellar was up 9.48 per cent, Polkadot rose 3.89 per cent, Dogecoin gained 2.10 per cent, Avalanche was up 2.93 per cent, and Shiba Inu gained 2.17 per cent.

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