Binance.US Lists Major Ethereum Competitor Token

Polkadot-based Astar is now live on crypto exchange Binance.US.


  • Astar Added By Binance.US
  • Future Of Polkadot Network

Astar Added By Binance.US

Astar (ticker symbol: ASTR) is now trading on Binance.US as of September 14th. Astar’s ASTR token is a native of the multi-chain protocol Polkadot. Polkadot intends on bridging the various smart contract layer 1s for a seamless crypto experience for users.

“We are very excited to officially enter the American market through Binance US. Since closing our last funding round, led by US investors like Polychain and Coinbase, entering the US market has been a top priority. Astar already has a strong presence in Asia, especially Japan, and now we have an opportunity to follow suit in the US with our localized team,” said Astar Network Founder and CEO Sota Watanabe. 

Binance.US is the American offshoot of the biggest crypto exchange in the world Binance. Though, it’s only open to US customers, Binance.US is an incredibly large and influential player in the crypto world. As of April 2022, it was valued at 4.5 billion USD.

Not to mention, Binance.US is fully licensed to operate in the US, meaning it only considers the most reputable projects. According to Astar’s release, “Binance US only considers assets that meet its Digital Asset Risk Assessment Framework, solve real-world problems, and are built using technology that is secure to transact and develop on.”

Future Of Polkadot Network And Astar

Astar bills itself as the innovation hub. It’s most recent announcement, as well as its previous ones from 2022, prove that.

The Binance.US listing for Astar follows the protocol’s major announcement back in August where it boosted DeFi in the Polkadot ecosystem. Astar partnered with fellow Polkadot project Acala to infuse liquidity and development into the DeFi Ecosphere. In addition, it partnered with Moonbeam, a Polkadot project that aims to make development on the platform more accessible.

Beyond developing its home ecosystem, Astar is making serious inroads in Asian markets.

“[Astra] is particularly popular in Japan, where a poll conducted by the country’s leading blockchain organization saw Astar claim first place. The survey by Japan Blockchain Association placed Astar ahead of Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche,” Astar said. 

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