Big Success with the EU project ENSURESEC

  • The just concluded ENSURESEC project has received big thumps up from European Commission’s reviewers.
  • IOTA’s work on the project lays a path for the adoption of decentralized identifiers in the identity space.

ENSURESEC project has just passed its final assessment by European Commission’s reviewers according to a recent blog by the IOTA Foundation. According to this commission, the project which concluded back in June was a major success after achieving all expected outcomes.

The project involved 14 countries and 22 partners including IOTA. The project leveraged AI, blockchain, and machine learning technology. IOTA Foundation was the only distributed ledger technology involved in the ENSURESEC consortium.

With this project, IOTA was “appointed to deliver a set of core infrastructure tools – in this case, to increase the security of e-commerce.” With the world recently plunging into a state of isolation, the mandate of the project was “aimed at delivering a set of threat intelligence tools that enable the prevention, mitigation, and recovery from cybersecurity attacks.” During the lockdown period, e-commerce became an integral part of the economy. But with its growth came concerns about security.

This is just one of the projects that the IOTA Foundation is working on with the EU. While a number are still ongoing such as including +CityXchange and Dig_it, the success of ENSURESEC shows the pivotal role distributed ledgers play. For ENSURESEC, a distributed ledger guarantees data integrity and manages access control. Here, IOTA Tangle, IOTA Streams and IOTA Identity have shown they can be integral “tools for other tools “in the e-commerce infrastructure.

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Why ENSURESEC chose IOTA Foundation

Since its launch, IOTA has demonstrated its technological supremacy as well as different aspects of how its technology can be applied. It, therefore, did not come as a surprise to be the distributed technology partner. According to an earlier post, the Foundation noted;

ENSURESEC will leverage IOTA Identities to guarantee the authenticity of information and of the connected physical assets and stakeholders. Off-Tangle components connecting to the IOTA Tangle for the search of data and their verification will also be developed.

Based of the success of the ENSURESEC, we could see more collaborations between the IOTA foundation and the EU.

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