BCH Coin Price Analysis: BCH coin price is forming a bullish pattern, will it give a breakout?

  • BCH coin price is forming a falling wedge pattern on the daily timeframe, and currently it is resting at the long term demand zone.
  • The coin is forming a symmetrical triangle pattern on an hourly time frame.
  • The pair of BCH/BTC is trading at 0.00521 with an increase of 0.52% in the market cap of the digital asset over the past 24 hours.

BCH coin’s price is in a strong downtrend after breaking down the long-term demand zone at $178.00 and now it is acting as a strong supply zone in a broader time frame. There seems a hope for recovery in the coin as it is resting at the long term important demand zone of $93.00. The coin has started forming lower low and lower thigh formation on a daily time frame. The coin fell after facing rejection at 50 and 100 EMA, and currently, it is trading below the vital 50 and 100 EMA. BCH coin price is presently at 20 EMA after the fake breakout of 50 EMA. The coin is trading in the middle of the Bollinger band indicator after failing to surpass the upper band of the Bollinger band indicator. Investors should be cautious and not take a long position until the $1.73 price level is not broken. Volumes have increased over the last trading days, causing volatility to increase, and thus investors should wait until the price settles and then take trades.

MACD and Supertrend are showing neutral signs in the daily time frame

As per the price action, the BCH coin price is bearish as the coin broke off the long term demand zone. The technical parameters suggest otherwise.

Supertrend: Recent bearishness in the price of the BCH coin led to the Supertrend indicator’s breakdown at $173.00, and the supertrend gave a sell signal. The coin is currently trading below the supertrend line, acting as resistance. If the coin bounces off the long term demand zone, there can be a bullish movement in the digital asset price. If the coin cannot sustain the above long term demand zone, it can continue the bearish trend that can push the price down to $93.00.

Moving Average Convergence Divergence (Bullish): MACD indicates a bullish trend on the daily time frame as it gave a positive crossover, despite the coin breaking down the demand zone. The buyer’s signal line(blue) crossed the seller’s signal line (orange) on the upside, indicating a possible breakout of the short term supply zone at $127.00, which can push the coin price up to $173.00 with strong momentum. The Orange line jumped off the clue line, indicating a possible bullish momentum for upcoming days.

BCH coin price is forming symmetrical triangle pattern on the hourly time frame

BCH coin price is in a downtrend after facing rejection at the supply zone, and currently, it is resting at the long-term demand zone. The coin is forming a symmetrical triangle as it is making higher lows and is facing rejection from the previous supply zone.

Average Directional Movement Index: ADX has been continuously dipping from the past trading days, and recently, it slipped below 20, as the coin faced rejection at $173.00. The ADX curve is seen recovering, and it has turned upwards at present. Thus indicating a halt in the movement of the price and possible change in the structure of the price movement.

Relative Strength Indicator: RSI is trading at 47.44 as the coin forms a bullish reversal pattern on a daily time frame. The RSI curve is yet to cross the 50 halfway mark, and once it gives the breakout 50 halfway mark the coin can be seen moving out of the pattern, as a result, possible uptrend in the coin price.. The RSI curve has also neared the 50 SMA, indicating a bullish momentum for the upcoming trading days if it breaks above it.


BCH coin price, as per the price action, is showing bullish signs, and the technical parameters are suggesting the same. It remains to see if the coin breaks above the long-term supply zone of $173.00 and moves above it or faces rejection and again falls.

SUPPORT: $93.00 and $101.00

RESISTANCE: $178.82 and $173.28


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