Adirize vs Tether, Which Stablecoin Has The Most Potential In The Cryptocurrency Economy?

Adirize (DAO) and Tether (USDT) are two stablecoins that are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency economy.

When the first crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), was unleashed onto the scene in 2009, stablecoins did not exist. Brave investors had no choice but to put their faith in a digital currency that went up and down like a theme park ride.

Every day there was no way of knowing whether Bitcoin’s value would ascend toward the stars or crash into the ground.

And not much has changed since then.

Bitcoin peaked at an astonishing price of $67,549.74 back in November 2021 and now, at the time of writing, has dropped to $19,121.96.

However, since the creation of stablecoins in 2014, crypto geeks have had a more reliable source of investment. Unlike their volatile counterparts, stablecoins do not deviate too far from their original value.

For example, Tether and USD Coin (USDC) have always been priced at around $1 and are both pegged to the US dollar.

Due to mirroring the same value as fiat currency, stablecoins have also made it easier for individuals to enter the crypto market. Rather than exchanging almost $300 for a BNB coin, they can simply exchange $1 for one Tether coin and vice versa.

At this point, stablecoins are unlikely to go anywhere, as they help to balance the crypto industry. The query of greater interest is, which specific stablecoin will become the most popular in the future, Adirize or Tether?

Crypto Will Get Better With Tether

At the time of writing, Tether is ranked at number 3 on coinmarket with a market cap of $68,421,140,926, and this is not a coincidence.

Tether is extremely beneficial for individuals, merchants, and exchanges.

Tether tokens can be used on a range of exchanges, allowing investors to trade this currency for another coin on the market, Plus, when it comes to making transactions, Tether is transferred at an extremely fast rate with no delays.

As for merchants, Tether is arguably one of the best cryptocurrencies to accept as payment. This is because of its low volatility and easy integration on websites which is likely to attract new customers.

Improve Your Finances With Adirize

Adirize is a stablecoin with a bit of spice. This digital currency is more than just a sturdy coin that can be used in various markets.

In actuality, Adi was created as a store of value, meaning it should maintain or increase in value over time.

All investors need to do is stake their Adi tokens using the Adirize app in exchange for benefits. One benefit is more Adi which the treasury gets from bond sales.

The beauty of staking in Adirize is the passiveness. It doesn’t matter if the market price of Adi decreases below your opening purchase price, as the inevitable increase in your staked Adi will balance out the fall in market value.

Therefore, there is minimal risk with investing in Adirize as you’re likely to get your money back or make a profitable return.

Final Thoughts

Stablecoins like Tether and Adirize are having a positive impact on the crypto universe.

Tether is extremely versatile and is the ideal gateway for new investors to begin their cryptocurrency journey. However, Adirize might have better potential because of its lucrative staking rewards.

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