Adirize DAO, Chainlink and NEAR Protocol Introduce Innovations for Continued Profit

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To make proper decisions when it comes to your choice of crypto projects, you need to conduct thorough research on the foundations of the cryptocurrencies and the team behind their creation. There are cryptocurrencies with the ability to turn the tides of your fortune positively. Some of them include Adirize DAO (ADI) Chainlink (LINK), and NEAR Protocol (NEAR).

In the same vein, some cryptocurrencies are likely to bring unprecedented losses as a result of poor calculations and investments. At the moment, the crypto market is full of hundreds of crypto projects, all promising to bring profits to their owners. With a market this saturated, it is understandably difficult to pick a viable project. The days when you could randomly join an ICO and gain exponential profits are gone. Hence, you need to be very careful when making your choice.

How does Adirize DAO Work?

The main goal of Adirize DAO (ADI) is to serve as a stable currency that users can implement in their daily transactions while retaining value over a long time. The aim is to maintain this value without relying on an established peg.


Adirize DAO was created to establish a currency system where the DAO has autonomy over the operations of the ADI Token. The team behind Adirize DAO believes that the system can become fully stable and consistent in the future. Adirize DAO (ADI) will, in turn, become a global unit and means of exchange of currencies. The Adirize DAO (ADI) community will work towards maximum growth and wealth in both the long and short term.


The Adirize DAO (ADI) token offers free-floating value to users that will remain reliable due to the value it derives from its fractional reserves. Unlike USDT and USDC, the ADI token is not a semi-centralized stablecoin. ADI will operate as a decentralized reserve currency with its algorithm.

Chainlink’s Creator Reveals Its Ultimate Goal

The brain behind Chainlink (LINK), Sergey Nazarov, has outlined his plan for the future of the network, including the role it will play in the crypto industry’s growth.


He goes as far as stating that Chainlink’s (LINK) continued success in introducing real-world data to decentralized information networks is only the beginning.


According to Sergey Nazarov, ownership of equity tokens, utility tokens and NFT tokens is only the start for Chainlink. The plan utilizes the Chainlink (LINK) network to bring everything to a new level. In the DeFi space, this plan is already bringing forth fruits, especially in the insurance and carbon credit markets.

USDT Stablecoin launches on NEAR Protocol

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is the latest network to adopt the biggest stablecoin – Tether’s USDT.

Tether has announced that it will launch the USDT stablecoin on the NEAR Protocol (NEAR) platform. This will ensure that the cryptocurrency circulates on 12 different blockchain networks.

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is the newest crypto network to onboard the popular stablecoin.

Adirize DAO (ADI)





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