509M Shiba Inu Burned In The Last 48 Hours, Now The Token Can Be Burned Via Amazon As Well

According to Shibburn, over 500 million Shiba Inu SHIB/USD tokens have been destroyed over the last 48 hours. 

The largest burn transaction carried more than half of the total amount of the destroyed SHIB – 295,559,819 coins.

Last month, close to 20 billion SHIB worth over $455,000 were destroyed after the Burn Portal was launched on April 23. 

Yesterday, the whale named “BlueWhale0073” bought over 142 Billion Shiba Inu, worth $1.53 million. 

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SHIB Will Now Be Burned via Amazon

A new announcement from Shib_superstore, a Twitter account related to Travis Johnson SHIB burn games, has said that SHIB can now be burnt via Amazon.

As per the tweet, the Shib_superstore has been added to Amazon’s affiliate program, and it would now use “between 1% and 20% of purchase price” to buy SHIB tokens that will be burned.

The store has apps and games that burn 100% of its ad revenue. Some of them are Shibsphere, Bricks Buster, Candy Trips, Zombie Assassins, and Shiba Play.

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